Noida: Residents bring plethora of issues in marathon meeting with SSP
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Noida: Residents bring plethora of issues in marathon meeting with SSP

Vaibhav Krishna, SSP, responded to all the concerns raised in the meeting.

Noida: Residents bring plethora of issues in marathon meeting with SSP

Noida: In a marathon meeting, which spanned over two and a half hours on Sunday, residents from across Noida raised a plethora of issues in front of the police and requested for their timely intervention. Most of them raised serious concerns about their safety. 

They said that situation has become worse with the rising crime in the area. They informed the police that criminals can be spotted regularly at kiosks making plans to carry out the crime in the area. This information is available with the police but they are still out.

After listening patiently to residents, Vaibhav Krishna, SSP with Noida and Greater Noida Police responded to each and every concern raised. 

Prof Rajesh Sahay, Secretary General, Federation of Noida Apartment Owner Association for high rises said that miscreants meet at kiosks placed beside roads in sectors. They gather there to plan crimes. These kiosks are in sectors 50, 75 and 137 etc where the actual conspiracy for how to execute crimes take place. 

He said, “There are times when I had informed the police about criminals being present at the kiosks. The police had also seen them but these kiosks were not removed. It is failure of the local police.”

SK Mishra, a resident of a high rise in Sector 50 said that the process of forwarding official communication should be made electronic as it takes lot of time to do the work manually. 

He complained, “A case of cybercrime happened with me where criminal withdrew Rs 90,000 from my bank account. I lodged a complaint with the cyber cell but when inquired about the status of case, I was told that my case would be routed through police station to SSP office and then it would come to the cyber cell for investigation. During this process of forwarding communication, lot of time gets wasted.”
He said that caller had identified himself as a banker and did the fraud on the pretext of doing KYC of his bank account and took details from him. “Computerised transfer of complaints from one office to another police offices would be convenient and time-saving as well,” he added.

Vimal Sharma, President of RWA, Sector 50 said that three car thefts happened in his residential pockets on a single night. But miscreants are roaming free, consuming liquors in park or green belts. But the police is citing insufficient number of police force with the station. He asked, “When they are going to get sufficient numbers?”

Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary of RWA,  Sector 51, said that tenant and servant verification process is so lengthy that many residents feel agitated. He said that it should be made easy so that most of residents would be encouraged for this precautionary measure to control the crime. 
Girja Singh, President of RWA, Sector 15 said that it spoils name and good deed of the district police when police personnel ask for bribe for verification of person, who applied for obtaining a passport. She said that this had happened in her case as well. She said, “Police told her to offer some things in lieu of verification as it goes up to a higher authority. The conversation encouraged me to bring this issue into the notice of the police,” she said.

In befitting reply, Vaibhav Krishna, SSP told that a complaint should be made in writing against police force asking for a bribe. He said that orally it would not be trustworthy to initiate actions but if the complaints are given in writing, he would certainly look into the matter.

Laxmi Narayan, Secretary of RWA, Sector 19 said that police should conduct random inspection of houses in residential pockets offering paying guest facility and also do checking of bachelors residing in their houses. He said, “They are inviting criminals for theft as they keep their doors open throughout day and night.” 

Sukhdev Singh, President of RWA, Rajat Vihar in Sector 62 said that theft or robbery should be stopped. To catch the criminal, the police should bring entire city and residential pockets under remote surveillance.
Pradeep Mishra, President of Metro Apartments in Sector 71 said that police patrolling should be increased for enhancing the security in residential pockets.

Parvinder Yadav, a resident of Sector 116, said that there are rampant thefts happening at his residential pockets. The in-charge of a police outpost in the sector should be instructed for keeping a watch on thieves and to cooperate with the residents.

Yogender Sharma, President of Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association said that a joint meeting of residents and police personnel should happen after regular intervals so that most of the problems can be solved at the police station level. 

Vaibhav Krishna, SSP told that the police is going to make patrolling process digitised. He said, “We are in the process of launching a mobile application namely Noida Cops through which PCR visit to a sector would be recorded. A QR code would be given to each RWA, which is to be posted at the entry gate of respective RWA. When the PCR van visits the sector, the on-duty force would scan the QR code through which a record would be maintained.”