Mess of wires poses threat to commuters in Dwarka
Mess of wires poses threat to commuters in Dwarka
Mess of wires poses threat to commuters in Dwarka
Photo: CitySpidey

Mess of wires poses threat to commuters in Dwarka

Dwarka: The mess of cables and internet wires can be seen all across Dwarka. They have become a nuisance for people living in the area. These wires can be seen over the head tied to the street light poles.

At some places, these wires can be seen hanging right in the middle of the road inviting danger. 

Wires can be seen just above the master plan road 202 near Shahjahanabad Apartments in Sector 11 and DDA SFS Flats in Sector 5 across the Palam drain. 

General Secretary of RWA, DDA SFS Flats in Sector 5, Mahesh Gupta said, “Such hanging wires are not allowed anywhere but here mostly the cable and internet wires are seen hanging in haphazard manner on roadsides along the central verge of the roads and even over the roads. From Ashirwad Chowk towards Sector 6 Market, it seems that there is a net of such wires over the road.”

Not only this, but such wires can be seen lying on the roads at major intersections. Mostly the wires seem to be kept by the operators deliberately so that they could use it anytime. 

But the wires are inviting danger to the pedestrians and the commuters on the roads near intersections as anyone could get tangled in them and fall. At some of the places, the wires have been kept on ground just at the middle of the zebra crossing. 

Ramesh Mumukshu, a resident of Sector 16 said, “Wires lying on the roads near intersections are very dangerous. Once I fell down at Ashirvad Chowk after getting trapped in a wire lying at the zebra crossing. This is surprising that neither the DDA nor the municipal corporation have taken this seriously. They should make the roads safe by removing such wires.”

People in the civic bodies like DDA, MCD and BSES said that the cable operators and the internet service providers and operators mainly use their poles and the other such things which was not allowed. Also, on a road due to multiple jurisdictions of civic bodies, the things did not get resolved.  

Community people said that the practice of using infrastructure of DDA, SDMC and BSES by the private cable and internet operators were known to them but they did not take action. Sunita Sharma, a resident of Sector 5 said, “Apart from ensuring pedestrians' safety and smooth access of footpath and zebra crossing, the traffic police are also responsible to remove such wires from the roads.”

On the subject, Deputy General Manager, Street Light, BSES, Dwarka, SK Dagar said, “Such practice is done by private cable operators and internet operators. We take action for our poles and clean those wires. Also we have written letter to MCD and DDA to take the subject into concern. Such hanging wires are not allowed. They could be dangerous.”