Traffic woes of Laxmi Nagar main road 
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Traffic woes of Laxmi Nagar main road 

Battery rikshaws, pathphat seva and city buses, all stop at red light, due to lack of declared stop.

Traffic woes of Laxmi Nagar main road 

New Delhi: Laxmi Nagar market, the commercial hub of East Delhi, remains under acute traffic congestion all the time. Reason: encroachment on the main road. 

The traffic situation in the area gets worse during peak hours when battery rikshaw, pathphat seva and city buses, all stop at red light, in the absence of a declared stoppage, to drop passengers.

Public transport alone is not responsible for the chaos, fruit and vegetable vendors also add to the chaos. The Road and Traffic Regulation Guidelines clearly lays down that buses cannot drop passengers near 100 metre to red light but we can see violation of this law. Yet the DTC buses drop passengers at red light of Laxmi Nagar main market. 

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) also has clear instructions that local public transport vehicles cannot stand near the exit of a metro station. But, battery rikshaws are always found parked right in front of the gate of the metro making it difficult for the commuters to enter the station. 

Daily commuters face enormous difficulty while in a hurry to catch the train. 

Says a student of Delhi University, Diksha, “The situation gets worse in the morning when we have to catch the metro to reach the campus sharp at 10 am, The battery rikshaws and buses block the road waiting for passengers. Hawkers and fruit sellers just sit in front of the gate. No one is there to check them. 

A DMRC spokesperson said, "Several times, we ran anti-encroachment drive. But once the drive is over, the vendors return resuming their business.”