Ahead of Delhi elections, URJA releases people's manifesto
Ahead of Delhi elections, URJA releases people's manifesto
Praveen Dwivedi
Ahead of Delhi elections, URJA releases people's manifesto
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Ahead of Delhi elections, URJA releases people's manifesto

New Delhi: Ahead of the announcement of elections in the national capital, the political parties have already started putting tall claims to woo the voters and it is expected to continue in the next couple of weeks. Now, keeping in view the upcoming election, the association of Residents Welfare Association URJA (United Residents Joint Action) released a public manifesto on Monday.

In its manifesto, the URJA has emphasised on every single issue which the residents of Delhi are facing. The issues are deteriorating air quality, water safety, food safety, fire, legislation for clean electricity, public transport and many more. 

It said the manifesto has been prepared considering public need and thorough research of issues. It has named it – ‘People’s Green Manifesto -2020.’

Through this people’s green manifesto, the association has made an attempt to get the attention of political parties on basic and serious issues pertaining to the residents of the Delhi. 

“We have picked up varied issues in our manifesto. Some of them are those issues which has been overlooked by the political parties and Delhi government. This manifesto is culmination of demands of the citizens of Delhi. They want that all these issues must get attention on priority basis,” said Atul Goyal, president of URJA.

Goyal further said, “We have not only pointed out issues but also provided suggestions on all the issues which we have raised. We will present this public manifesto before the state government and will request to include all these issues on their agenda of governing system.”

The people’s green manifesto for next five years of Delhi has demanded from the government to make Delhi sustainable in its resources by 2025. Among various points, Delhi’s air pollution was given more emphasis. As it is a fact that air pollution, with every passing year, is turning a threat for people, the government was yet to initiate any long-term solution to bring relief to the people.

“The residents of Delhi expect every political party and candidate running in elections to align their manifestos with people’s green manifesto,” Goyal said.