Crockery bank, Fresco initiative towards plastic-free society
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Crockery bank, Fresco initiative towards plastic-free society

Residents can now borrow steel utensils for any function and family get-together free of cost.

Crockery bank, Fresco initiative towards plastic-free society

Gurugram: In an effort to minimise dependence on plastic and to reduce the garbage accumulation in the landfill sites, residents of Fresco, a society in sector 50, Gurugram have come up with a crockery bank.

DV Taneja, a senior citizen and social worker, is the moving spirit behind the Fresco Steel Crockery Bank that got the support of the society's RWA.

Describing the initiative as part of their effort to make the society free from plastic,  Suneet Makkar, one of the volunteers of the bank, said, “We have been deliberating on the move for quite some time. One of our members came forward and encouraged us to start a crockery bank of our own.”

With the crockery bank becoming operational the residents can now have steel utensils for any of the society's functions and family get-together free of cost.

“More than 700 families live in the society. Family functions, religious gatherings, community events happen here every now and then. Our aim is to completely dispense with the use of disposables to reduce the garbage burden on the city that indirectly affect the health of our loved ones.” added Makkar.

At present, the bank has 100 big and 50 small plates, 100 glasses, 140 spoons.

“We want our residents to contribute their little effort to protect the environment from pollution,” said Vimal Grover, another volunteer.

She added, “Anyone willing to borrow utensils from us can have them with minimal caution amount refundable after returning them in proper condition. It is just to ensure that people return the utensils. We will add more utensils to the bank with the increase in demand.”

Ritu  Sachdeva
Ritu Sachdeva
1317 Days Ago
Wonderful initiative!!