Duping incidents by persons in police disguise on rise in Dwarka
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Duping incidents by persons in police disguise on rise in Dwarka

Earlier, a resident from True Friends Apartments in Sector 6 narrowly escaped.

Duping incidents by persons in police disguise on rise in Dwarka

Dwarka: A couple of days ago, a senior citizen woman, resident of Dharam Vihar Apartments in Sector 10, got duped by some people. They disguised themselves as police and took her gold bangles. 

Earlier, a resident from True Friends Apartments in Sector 6 narrowly escaped from a similar incident using her presence of mind. But one of her friends from another society got caught the other day and trapped by the gang disguised in police dress.

They took her jewellery by taking her into confidence and trapping in words. All such incidents happened in broad daylight near the societies of the victims. The victims said that the people were in police dress and introduced themselves as police. 

The woman who escaped from the situation shared, “I was going to market from my society and had just crossed the adjoining wall, turned left towards Kamakshi Apartments. I was walking on the pavement when two males on a bike stopped me. One of them said that they are from the police department.” 

“I looked at him and meanwhile the other man also said that he is from the police. I just got alert and told him that I am not interested and would call the police. But he kept on insisting. Somehow, I started walking fast and entered the gate of Kamakshi Apartments. When I came out, they had left the place,” she said. 

Such incidents have been happening in Dwarka in the last two to three years. The people involved in such crimes convince the women that they are from the police department. They sometimes do it with fake I-Card and police dress so that the women could be trapped and taken into confidence. 

In many such incidents happened in the past, women were looted but, in few incidents, they fought and escaped. A woman escaped a scuffle in 2018 in Sector 3 service lane while she was returning home from an evening walk. She shared that the people, who tried to loot her, were in disguise donning police dress and also had a fake I-Card. 

She shared, “I had nothing except a gold bangle in my hand and that too was not visible. They came to me and asked about their identity as police officials. For the moment I believed them. But when they asked about my gold bangle, I got alert and tried to get their reality. When I started asking so many questions, they got irritated and finally attempted to snatch the bangle. But I shouted and one of them fell down. In that scuffle, they fled away out of fear as some people rushed to me.”

The victims of such incidents asked people to be alert while walking alone mainly in the service lanes or internal roads of the sector as those are vulnerable areas.

On the subject, police said that they had been making efforts to bust the gang as such gangs earlier were reported active in Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon and South Delhi area. Police said that the gang was named Irani Gang and those people were from mainly Nagpur area in Maharashtra. Police suggested the community to be aware and alert while walking down the lane and cross check the identity of any such person who is introducing himself as police.  Police said that they would bust the gang and people would be caught.