Noida: Residents demand extension for completion of bungalows
Noida: Residents demand extension for completion of bungalows
Ramesh Kumar
Noida: Residents demand extension for completion of bungalows
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Noida: Residents demand extension for completion of bungalows

Noida: Having gone through huge disruptions and financial crisis during the ongoing pandemic, residents of Noida have started demanding extension for completion of residential bungalows on plots allotted by Noida Industrial Development Authority, the land-owning agency in the city.

In this regard, they met with local MLA Pankaj Singh on Thursday and urged him to take this with the higher authority of the development authority and get the date extended for a period of next two years.

They told Singh that they were not able to complete the construction of bungalows as shortage of labourers was observed. They have also been going through financial problems due to lockdown. It has adversely affected regular income of maximum beneficiaries.

KK Jain, Secretary General of FONRWA said, “Constructions of bungalows on allotted plots were not completed as the ongoing pandemic caused huge disruption for all. The completion deadline for these bungalows is likely to expire.” 

“Considering the ongoing challenges, we demanded extension of two years so that beneficiaries would be able to complete the construction by July 2023,” he said.

The residents have also raised the issues that they were facing while renewing registration of their association. They said that they need to visit Meerut twice or thrice every year for getting registration of their respective association renewed.

Yogendra Sharma, President of FONRWA said, “The office of deputy registrar is located in Meerut which is too far from the city. If a branch office would open in Noida, it would be very convenient for residents while complying the norms. It would also save time and money for each member during renewal and registration of their association.”

The residents have also pointed out that though the city of Noida falls under no power cut zone. But several residential pockets have observed power outages due to technical issues in the supply line. They said that these lines are very old one and require revamping. One of them said, “If the rusted electric poles and panel boxes are replaced with new ones, the problem would be solved.”

After listening to them, Singh assured that he would take the issues with concerned authority and department and would ask to solve them.