VASTU FOR STUDENTS: Does the direction you face affect your result? Find out.
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VASTU FOR STUDENTS: Does the direction you face affect your result? Find out.

Get rid of broken pencils, hang a picture of a galloping horse and other such tips to head to the top of your class from our Vastu consultant and Vedic astrologer Aarti Sareen.

VASTU FOR STUDENTS: Does the direction you face affect your result? Find out.

Difficulty in concentration is the most common problem faced by students. It further leads to an increase in issues like academic stress, poor results, anxiety, low self-esteem, aggression, frustration and feelings of hopelessness. There are a few basic things that most people need in order to have a good concentration level such as proper sleep, regular meals, a comfortable and distraction free environment. But most of the times it is seen that these aspects are generally missing from a student’s life. The science of Vastu Shastra provides many useful remedies which can help students enhance their academic performance by improving concentration, internal motivation and reducing the stress levels.

Following are some easy-to-follow tips for students:

Best direction for study

Students should face East and North-East while studying and North for those aiming to go for higher studies. As East is the direction of rising sun and North of Kuber (lord of wealth and abundance) thus these directions are considered to be sacred in vastu.

The Study Room

  • While studying don’t let the student face a blank wall. There should be open space in front of the person studying to encourage novel ideas and it will also relax his eyes. He should sit with his back to solid wall (without windows or door).
  • The chair being used for studying should be a stable one and not having any revolving wheels. It is a very effective technique for improving concentration.
  • Study tables should have shapes like square, rectangle. Other shapes can create confusion in child’s mind and thus affects the concentration. Corners/edges of the table should be rounded, not sharp.
  • Also avoid tables which have glass embedded in them.
  • Keep the study table at least 3-4 inches away from wall. This gap in front signifies openness of mind and new ideas.
  • Bookshelves should not be placed on the sides or above the study table. Appropriate direction for them is south or west.
  • The room need to have adequate ventilation and light. While studying the shadow of the person should not fall on the study table.
  • It is to be made sure that all mirrors in the room are covered at night.
  • The walls and curtains should be of light, cheerful colours. Green is considered to be a good and auspicious colour for study room as it symbolises nature and peace.
  • It is to be ensured that the room is kept clean and clutter free at all times. Things which are not required such as pens without refills, broken pencils, old and torn paper create negative vibrations and should be got ridden off.
  • Pictures of galloping horse, rising sun, motivational quotes and successful people can be put up to inspire the child.
  • The certificates and trophies won by the child should be kept in the Southern direction.
  • Feng Shui items like such as Pyramid and Crystal Globe can be kept on the study table as it balances energy and enhances memory.
  • A clock should be provided on the east or north wall of the study.