Try easy to make sandwiches at home
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Try easy to make sandwiches at home

Let's discover unique recipes for healthy sandwiches

Try easy to make sandwiches at home

New Delhi: Sandwich, one of the easiest and most delightful dishes, slips out of our kitchen in a few minutes, but are you not bored of eating sandwiches with the same taste? Afterall, your taste buds deserve varieties too!

So let's discover unique recipes for healthy sandwiches:

Measurements: 1cup = 250 ml, 1tbsp = 15ml, 1tsp = 5ml.

Bombay Masala Sandwich

For 4 sandwiches

Ingredients for aloo masala :

4 boiled potatoes

1 tsp oil

Mustard seeds

Fresh curry leaves

Chopped coriander leaves

Turmeric powder


Salt as per need

Red chilli powder

Ingredients for green chutney:

1-2 green chillies

½  cup coriander leaves

½  cup mint leaves

½  tsp chaat masala

¼ black salt

1-2 roasted cumin powder

Salt as needed

Lemon juice

Water according to need

Ingredients for Bombay Masala:

8 bread slices

1-2 tbsp butter at room temperature

¼  green chutney, which you're gonna prepare

1 cup potato masala

1 round cut onion

1 round cut tomato.

Roasted cumin powder

Sev and cheese if you want

How to prepare Potato Masala:

Boil potatoes in a pressure cooker with 1-2 whistles and let them cool down. Remove their skin. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, asafoetida, ginger, curry leaves and saute all of them for 2 minutes. Now add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt as per requirement and mix them well for 30 seconds. Now mash, cool down potatoes and add them to the mixture on the stove with chopped coriander, mix potatoes properly with all the spices. To assemble Bombay masala sandwich, spread butter first and green chutney on two slices of bread. Repeat the same for all the bread slices. Now spread 2-3 spoons full of potato masala. Add tomato and onion layers on top of it, you can also layer it with cheese. Sprinkle some cumin powder. Heat pan on medium flame and put your prepared breads on them. Now for sev garnishing, cut bread in two pieces and brush green chutney on its one side and dip that side in sev.

Chickpea Sandwich:

For 2 servings

Ingredients you require:

Two handfuls of roasted chickpea

Chopped coriander

Fresh lemon juice

Red chilli

Black pepper


1 round cut onion

1 round cut tomato

3 tsp, mayonnaise

4 bread slices

How to prepare Chickpea Sandwich:

Soak roasted chickpeas in a bowl for 1 hour and later on mash them well or grind them in very thick paste. Pour three spoonfuls of mayonnaise in a bowl add chickpea paste, red chilli, black pepper, salt, chopped coriander and lemon juice in it and stir them well for beautiful paste. Now spread this paste on bread slices evenly. Layer it with tomatoes and onion. Finally the sandwich is ready.

Paneer Sandwich:

For 3 servings

Ingredients for Paneer Sandwich:

Six slices of bread

1 tsp oil

1/ ¼ cumin

Ginger garlic paste

Chopped onion

Chopped tomatoes

1 pinch of turmeric

Salt as per requirement

¼ red chilli

½ garam masala

Chopped capsicum

Chopped onion

Kasuri methi

Chopped carrot or beetroot

Crumbled paneer

Steps for preparing Paneer Sandwich:

Heat pan with 1 tsp oil add cumin seeds in it after some seconds add chopped onion and fry them till they turn golden. Now put in tomato and salt as per your taste and saute them well. Add ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, garam masala, kasuri methi and turmeric. Mix them well for 2 minutes. Now slow down the flame and add chopped capsicum, carrot and crumbled paneer in the mixture stir them properly with masala. Now take a slice of bread, spread 2 spoonful of paneer mixture on it and pack it with another slice of bread on top of it. Now heat tawa on medium flame, add ghee on tawa and toast bread from both the sides till it becomes a little brown and crunchy. Serve it with red sauce.

Tomato and Garlic Mayo Sandwich:

Ingredients required:

2 tomatoes

3 tsp mayonnaise

Garlic paste

4 slices of bread

Red chilli

Black pepper



Cheese (optional)

Chopped capsicum (optional)

Steps for making Tomato Garlic Mayo Sandwich:

Chop 2 tomatoes and blend them in thick past. Once the paste is ready shift it to another bowl and add salt red chilli, black pepper in it and mix them well. Now add 3 tsp of mayonnaise in the tomato mixture and stir them properly. You can add finely chopped capsicum in the mixture. Now spread butter on 2 slices of bread and apply tomato mayo mixture on it. Layer bread with cheese slices and pack it by closing one upon another. If you want you can heat it in a pan and make it crunchy! Your delightful brunch is ready to eat.

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