Navratri prasad for the ‘kanjak’: Have a look
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Navratri prasad for the ‘kanjak’: Have a look

On Ashtami and Navmi, people prepare food for the young girls who are called ‘kanjak’

Navratri prasad for the ‘kanjak’: Have a look

New Delhi: In India, Navratri is a significant festival and it is celebrated by people from all across the country. People worship Goddess Durga during the nine days of Navratri and they keep fast. Some people open their fast on the eighth day which is known as Ashtami, while many people open it on the ninth day, which is Navami.

On Ashtami and Navami, people prepare food for the young girls who are called ‘kanjak’, and offer them sookhe kale chane, halwa, poori, and gifts. According to mythology, young girls are considered to be the most auspicious form of Goddess Durga and this is the reason why people worship them on the Ashtami and Navami.

For the preparation, the family wakes up early to make food for young girl and sometimes they would even start preparations from the previous night. People also purchase gifts for the children and offer thali to the kanjak in which they have sookhe kale chane, halwa, poori, and people also give some gifts along with the prasad. The prasad is made without onion and garlic.

People pay their respect to the Gods and Goddesses and break their fasts. Navami marks the last day of Navratri fasting. Here are the food items for the Navaratri Prasad, have a look:

Sooji ka Halwa:

Sooji Halwa is a delicious dessert and often found on the plates of kanjak. For making this, you should take equivalent amounts of desi ghee and sugar. Take a huge kadhai and liquefy 1/2 cup ghee in it, and afterward, add 2 cup sooji in it.  Broil the sooji till you can smell the fragrance. When done, add the 1/2 cup of sugar and blend well.
Rapidly, add around 1 litre of hot water in it and mix consistently to stay away from any lumps. You can likewise make a sugar syrup and afterward add to it. Your bhog halwa will be prepared rapidly.

Sookhe kale chane:

Douse around 2 1/2 cup kale chane overnight. The next morning, put them in a pressure cooker with enough water and salt, and wait for around 4-5 whistles. Whenever they are done, allow the steam to escape and your sookhe chane will be ready.


To make delicate and tasty puris, add around 2 cups of wheat flour on a plate and add salt as per taste. Blend well and afterward add water to work a hard mixture. This will help in giving good texture to puris. When the batter is prepared, keep it aside for 15-20 minutes. In the interim, liquefy refined oil or ghee in a kadhai and let it heat.  Make little puris and use a little ghee for rolling the puris. When the oil in the kadhai is adequately hot, fry your puris in it to perfection and serve hot with chana and halwa with some gifts.