Vastu for home decor: Just keep those cactus plants away!
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Vastu for home decor: Just keep those cactus plants away!

Here's why sitting below exposed beams and keeping nude portraits in your home is a bad idea. Vastu expert Aarti Sareen tells us more.

Vastu for home decor: Just keep those cactus plants away!

Earlier, Vastu Shastra was restricted only to temples. But over time people began following its principles for interior decoration of homes and offices to create harmony and positive energy.

Vastu divides a house into different zones that are further divided into two categories: positive and negative zones. Positive zones (North, East and North East) should be kept light as compared to negative zones (South, West and South West). That means heavy furniture should be placed in negative zones whereas light furniture can be placed in positive zones.                                                                                                                                               

Here are some simple Vastu interior design tips, which, when combined with your home decor ideas, will help create constant flow of income, prosperity and healthy living conditions.

Main Entrance: In ancient times, the main door was considered very important as it was believed that all prosperity comes through it. It can be decorated with auspicious symbols, hangings, rangolis and wind chimes.

Living Room: Diwan or the long sofa should be placed along the eastern wall and the chairs on the west. Rectangular shaped furniture (like centre and side tables) is considered best compared to other shapes. Soothing colours like yellow, light green and white should be used for walls. But the curtains can be of darker shade.

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Exposed Beams: Sitting below overhead beams should be avoided as they have depressing effects, and can lead to constant worries and disagreements in family.

Paintings: Paintings of waterfalls, rising sun, beautiful valleys can be used for décor as they signify prosperity. Paintings depicting war scenes, nude portraits, abstract art and figures of wild beasts should always be avoided. 

Religious idols should be kept only in the pooja room and not merely for decoration. Family photographs should be kept in the south west direction.

Electrical Appliances: Heating appliances like gas, ovens and microwave should be kept in southeast directions. Cooler, AC and fridge should be placed in northwest of the room. TV can be placed in the north, east or southeast of the room. But it should be ensured that no electrical appliance is kept in the northeast direction as it leads to generation of negative energy in the house. 

Plants: Thorny plants like cactus should never be kept in or outside the house. Big potted plants should not be kept in northeast of the house. Auspicious plants like Tulsi, money plant, bamboo etc. can be kept in the house as they symbolise prosperity, happiness, health and peace.

Feng Shui items for home decor

  • Cow and calf statue
  • Healing crystal items like turtles, stones, trees, balls, pyramids and pendulums
  • Bamboo Tree
  • Auspicious symbols like Aum, Swastika etc.
  • Idols of Laughing Buddha and Golden Horse
  • Wind chimes
  • Brass bells
  • Flowers like lotus, pink peonies, orchids and chrysanthemums