Wow Moms: My mom is more than a mother; she is my hero!
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Wow Moms: My mom is more than a mother; she is my hero!

Every person has someone in his life who means everything to him or her

Wow Moms: My mom is more than a mother; she is my hero!

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on May 9. We are just a few days away from the grand celebration. On this occasion, I would like to share my memories with my mom. Every person has someone in his life who means everything to him or her.  As for me, that person is my mother. I must tell you that she is my best friend. She is always ready to listen to my stories from school life to office life. My mother means faith and patience to me. She prays for me. She believes in me.

We can share all our secrets, we can discuss my problems together and she gives me a lot of good advice. The love that a mother gives to her child is a real miracle. It is boundless, absolute, and pure. It is sacrificing and strong enough to overcome all difficulties. Therefore, it is not surprising that we usually compare mothers with angels and say that God performs miracles through them.

My mum's name is Anju. Even having a struggling childhood, she never gives up. She is a pleasant-looking woman and the prettiest woman I know. The first thing about her that catches attention is her friendly smile. She laughs from the heart. It's warm and wonderful. When you look at her smile, you feel happy too. Some people say I look like my mother and it is definitely a compliment for me.

I would like to add about her personality. She is an amazing mother and she made me feel good about myself. I can easily share my innermost feelings with her and there is an incident in my life. One day I had a really bad day in school, I have always been an introverted kid with few friends and I just had a fight with one of my friends in school and they called my mom. That one day changed my life.

My mom was very upset that I'm fighting with my friend and at that time, I was so little, and couldn’t control crying. Tears went down from my eyes and then the only thing I said to my mom was I'm sorry mama, I won't repeat, please don’t get upset and my mom cried with me and said please don't ever fight.

My mother is my whole world. She means so much to me and I wouldn't know what to do without her. My mother is one of the most generous and helpful people I have ever been able to have a conversation with. She always wants what's best for me, she gives me good advice all the time. My mother and I spend a  lot of time together.

One famous saying goes “Like mother like daughter” and it's completely about us. We both have the same tastes in clothes and books, the same sense of humor, and many common interests. My mum has to work hard. How strange it may seem, she has really little free time. However, when she finally has a day off she tries to spend with her family as much time as possible.

We always have fun together – we go to the cinema, cook together, visit our relatives, discuss the latest news in a cozy cafe and, of course, go shopping together. Even now when we both got Covid positive, she didn't think about herself at all. All she cares about is I took all my medicine, am I fine or not? While writing this, I'm getting emotional. I love my mom very much and I am extremely grateful to her.

She gave me my precious life. She has always taught me how to be an honest, reliable, and kind person, taught me to notice other people's feelings, taught me that there is nothing impossible for me in this life and I can achieve all my goals. She is always here to help me or to share my success. My mom is more than a mom; she is my hero!

It is said that no matter how much you speak about mother, it is still less. I can't express how much my mom means to me. Happy mother's day to all the incredible mothers out there. Life is incomplete without you all.