When no one came forward, this doctor stepped in for the last rites
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When no one came forward, this doctor stepped in for the last rites

Doctor performs last rites of an elderly women while her son was in the hospital

When no one came forward, this doctor stepped in for the last rites

New Delhi: The frontline workers like doctors are helping people by all means. Families are getting broken and becoming helpless in this pandemic. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, when this disease hits your door, you become infectious and you suffer. Out of all the negativity that we are surrounded with, there is still hope when we see people helping each other irrespective of their relationship with the other person.

Varun Garg, 37, a resident of Rohini, working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forensic Medicine in Hindu Rao Hospital working at the hospital since 2015, performed the last rites of an elderly woman when his son was still recovering in the hospital from Covid. Garg and his family recovered from Covid last week only. He has been on Covid duty since last year.

Dr Varun said, “I got a call from my doctor friend who is working in Sardar Vallabh Bhai Covid Hospital in Palam, Delhi. He said that that a 77 year old, Nirmala Chandola has died due to covid here and there was no one to  perform her last rites and her son is still recovering from Covid in the same hospital. I asked him to contact their immediate family members or neighbours but no one responded, then the very next morning when no one came, I asked my doctor friend to get consent from her son so that I could perform the last ceremonies.”

Varun added that it was  very painful to see that none of her family members wished to step in for her last rites. His son is still recovering from this dreadful virus at Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Hospital and gave the written consent form for the last rites.

The elderly woman was later cremated at the Nigambodh Ghat cremation ground with all the rituals done by Dr Varun. “I performed the rituals and then stored her ashes in a locker at the crematorium so that her son after getting recovered can immerse them,” says Dr Varun Garg went through a similar case last Friday, as he is also in charge of the mortuary. He said, “Due to Covid, a man has died, he is the resident of Rohini, and we are trying to hear out from his family for the last rites but no one has shown up yet. If nothing works out, we will inform the police.”