‘I am happy in giving more time to my work’
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‘I am happy in giving more time to my work’

Sangeeta Shokeen, 31, a nursing officer, has been working in AIIMS since 2010

‘I am happy in giving more time to my work’

Nursing is one of the noble and thankless professions in India. May 12 is marked as International Nurses Day, it is the anniversary of  the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. In this pandemic also, nurses are leading from the frontline and serving all who are in need. We cannot thank them enough for how bravely they are fighting for the people’s well being in this covid time. They are real-life superheroes.

Sangeeta Shokeen, 31, nursing officer in AIIMS, Delhi, a resident of Chhawla, New Delhi has been working in AIIMS since 2010. Sangeeta  said, “I am working in a dedicated covid care centre, National Cancer Institute, AIIMS, since the beginning from the time of the entry of first covid patient.”

She said that she faced a lot of difficulties during this pandemic, one of which was staying away from family. “I was not able to cuddle my niece (Hiral) and nephews (Jaishu and Thrush), unable to go for outings, living in a risky environment, fear of getting an infection in the family, always a  thought in mind,” she said.

Apart from all difficulties and challenges, Sangeeta shared that she loves to give more time to her profession as for her, giving life to more families gives her the most pleasure.

“We have lots of challenges in  giving care and treatment to critical patients, just a day before I was treating a non-invasive ventilation patient, while I was removing her NIV mask to allow her some sips of water or juice, her SpO2 declined very fastly, then after few seconds a thought came in mind  and I tried a 16f suction cath by cutting tip from both ends and introduced in the mouth of the patient from the sides of non-invasive ventilation mask without any oxygen leakage and harm to the patient and used it as a sipper. I gave juice and water this way to all non-invasive ventilation patients. The smile on their faces gave immense satisfaction to me. I shared my idea with my other colleagues also and we are using the same technique in all our ICU patients also,” she said.

She also added that their hospital administrations helped them a lot  during the time of lockdown, they were given accommodations in the guest house along with canteen facilities in the hospital itself. Sangeeta is also working as a volunteer on her off days.

“I am working as a volunteer on my off days also, I'm going to the hospital just to give priority care to more needy and critical patients and always with one thought that I want to work as much as possible. My grandfather, 83, is a covid positive admitted to a private hospital and my father’s sister is admitted in AIIMS due to being corona positive. I am managing family and professional life both just to keep humanity alive and praying every day that this tough time goes away and if we can save maximum people, we will be able to save more families and life on earth,” she said

She also added that this second wave has shaken the entire health workers, despite all the efforts and hard work, they were unable to save patients and mortality. But now slowly things are healing and they can send most of the patients home safely nowadays.