Old Indian shows and their iconic intro themes
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Old Indian shows and their iconic intro themes

One of the best memories of watching serials in childhood is jamming to the hooky intro themes

Old Indian shows and their iconic intro themes

The rise of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and so on have changed the entire scene of watching shows for all of us. The best shows and movies from around the world are now accessible to us in just a click and for a nominal fee. We now have the convenience of watching the shows whenever and wherever we feel like, pausing it when we have to and resuming it again when we want. However, in India, watching television together has been a culture, especially until the early 2010s. I, being a 00s kid myself, remember sitting together with my family in the evening and watching those tv serials until it was bedtime. It was a daily routine for us. The best part about that was waiting for the advertisements so that you can get up to get that glass of water and adrenaline rush of finishing the task before the serial or movie resumes.

One thing that has stuck with all of us from those serials is the music! That hooky theme song which will play whenever that show starts. A lot of us will still jam to those bops if they play even now. Also, the way listening to those theme songs can instantly bring back all those memories and hit us real hard with nostalgia is what makes them so special. I mean how can you talk about Shaktiman without going “Shakti shakti shaktimaaaaannnn….,” yeah, I know you just sang that. Also, the most terrifying horror show of all time has to be Aahat, don’t come at me for saying this, it’s the fact! And that intro theme of it was so scary, it still gives goosebumps. That theme tune was enough to scare us even before the show started.

Sanju’s pencil from Shaka laka boom boom was a dream of every child back then, and that theme song introducing all the characters was something we all used to vibe to. Another iconic intro was of Haatim, the fantasy show we all grew up watching. Go and listen to it now if you don’t remember it, it’s a gem and will give you a feeling of being in that fantasy world.

Here is a list of all such shows with intro songs that define our childhood:

Akkad Bakkad Bambe Bo


Zee Horror Show

Hero- Bhakti hi Shakti hai

Hum Paanch

Office Office

Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma

Dil Mil gaye

Left Right Left