Plaster falls from 18th floor at Supertech Capetown
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Plaster falls from 18th floor at Supertech Capetown

Gupta was standing with his child in the balcony and then suddenly a large part of the plaster fell

Plaster falls from 18th floor at Supertech Capetown

Noida: On May 12, there was an incident of plaster fall at Supertech Capetown society in Sector 74, Noida. The plaster fell from the 18th floor. Fortunately, the people escaped from any disaster.

IT Engineer Saurabh Gupta, a resident of CMC 2 tower of Capetown society, with his elderly father,  wife, and 17-year-old son shared what they saw about the incident. In the evening, he was standing with his child in the balcony of the flat. Suddenly a large part of the plaster fell from the 18th floor  balcony near him. Both father and son went inside the flat. However, suddenly another piece also fell. Saurabh Gupta's whole family is in shock due to the incident.

The information was given to Supertech staff and AOA President Arun Sharma through the society's WhatsApp group and e-mail. Capetown’s AOA  President Arun Sharma has written an email to the builder Supertech and asked for an immediate repair.

Also, the information of the incident has been given to the CEO, Noida, District Magistrate, and Commissioner of Police through email so that the builder can take appropriate action and get the quality checked and corrected.

As per the society management, there are many other issues at the Capetown society including frequent issues with the lift, water leakage in basement etc. A complaint was also filed regarding this. A team of Noida Authority visited the society on January 5 and 7 to investigate and they revealed many major flaws in the investigation report submitted on January 11 and gave the Supertech builder time to fix them in 15 days. However, nothing has been done till now.

Arun Sharma, AOA President said, “In the Corona period, people are afraid and locked in homes due to the lockdown. There are about 200 active patients in the society and about 20 people have  died in Capetown. People are under heavy mental pressure and now this incident took place. The whole situation is very  horrifying.”

Gupta further said, “The iron rods are visible clearly which means the rods will rust and will be swollen. This incident will happen again in the future. And it is not the first time in my building or in my whole society. Everyone has faced these types  of problems because of bad construction.”

CitySpidey also tried to talk with the builder but there was no response from the builder's side.