Vaccination drive at your doorstep in Delhi
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Vaccination drive at your doorstep in Delhi

New slots have opened up on CoWIN for 18-44 age group to get Covaxin jabs

Vaccination drive at your doorstep in Delhi

New Delhi: Senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and MLA Atishi released a vaccination bulletin on Monday and stated that 40,000 doses of Covaxin arrived for people in the 18-44 years age group on Monday, and will be used to administer the second dose only. 

She said that they hope that with this, the panic amongst youngsters who had taken the first dose in May will come to an end. With ‘Jahan Vote, Wahan Vaccination’ campaign, AAP will cover nearly 280 wards of Delhi. With door-to-door vaccination, AAP will be urging those above 45 to get vaccinated at the earliest, and complete their vaccination on a war-footing.

According to Atishi, 27 days stock is remaining for people above 45 years, 5,61,480 doses of Covishield are available, and 21,350 doses of Covaxin are available. A number of new slots have opened up on CoWIN for people in the 18-44 years age group of Covaxin; those who need to get the second dose can register.

According to the bulletin, a total of 15,707 doses were administered on June 6. Total number of vaccines administered in Delhi have reached up to 56,67,221, out of which 12.85 lakh have been vaccinated with both the doses.

Atishi said, “On June 6, 15,707 doses were administered. The number was less because it was a Sunday and the vaccination drives happened only in private hospitals, government hospitals, dispensaries, and many centres were shut. With this, the total number of vaccinated individuals went up to 56,67,221, out of which 12.85 lakh have been vaccinated with both the doses.”

Citing the unavailability of vaccines for youth in government centres, Atishi said, “For the last two weeks, no vaccination was happening for the youth in government schools, about which people were anxious and worried, especially those who got Covaxin in the month of May, as the vaccination drive for youth began on May 1, and the second dose of Covaxin is supposed to be administered within a span of 4 to 6 weeks. If the second dose of Covaxin is not administered on time, the efficacy of the first dose also recedes. Hence, it is absolutely essential that the young populace is vaccinated on time. People were
worried about the fact that Covaxin was not available and the 4 to 6 weeks of time was approaching. People had to go to far-off cities and places including Meerut, Bulandshahr, and Agra to get their dose. So, we are happy to tell you that 40,000 doses of Covaxin have been sent to us for the age bracket of 18-44. We are going to utilise these 40,000 doses to administer only the second dose to people who had received the first dose of Covaxin in the month of May. Hence, we have received sufficient stock of Covaxin and we want to assure you that the vaccines will be given at the earliest. Now, when you open CoWIN, a number of new slots of Covaxin have been opened up for the age group of 18-44. And hence, they can now get vaccinated with the second dose."

Underlining the position of stocks in New Delhi, Atishi added, “Close to 41,000 doses are left for 18-44, out of which 40,300 are of Covaxin. For 45+, 5,82,830 doses are left, out of which 5,61,480 are of Covishield, and 21,350 of Covaxin are left.”

She further added, “You must have observed in the past few days the vaccination programme for 45+ has come to a plateau-like position. Hence, in face of this, the CM Arvind Kejriwal has started a door-to-door vaccination programme called, ‘Jahan Vote, Wahan Vaccination.’ This means the place at which you were going to cast your vote, probably a nearby school, will be administering vaccines in your area. This means you do not need to go out to a far off place to get your vaccine. The vaccination centre has come to you, near your house. Instead of you going to the centre, the centre will come to you. Just two days before the vaccination programme is supposed to begin, a door-to-door campaign will be done in the area surrounding the booth or the centre. In this, we will go to every house and those above 45+ will be asked if they have been vaccinated, and if they have not been, they will be given a time slot and the next day, they will have to go and get the vaccine from the nearest polling centre or vaccination centre. From tomorrow (June 8), the campaign will kickstart in 70 wards, and similarly in the next 4 weeks, 280 wards will be covered. This includes 272 municipal corporation wards, and 8 various others. We have 27 days of stock available for 45+, and we want that maximum people should be administered in these 27 days. With this, they will save not only themselves, but all the people of Delhi.”