A musical flight with 'Udaan'
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A musical flight with 'Udaan'

"United by music to create more music"

A musical flight with 'Udaan'

Members of 'Udaan' say, “We were united by music to create music”. On World Music Day CitySpidey hosted a contemporary fusion band 'Udaan’ in its studio to celebrate the spirit of rising musicians. 

'Udaan' started its musical journey in 2018. All band members happened to get acquainted at Kailash Kher's concert held in Delhi's Connaught Place. All the five members of the band are working professionals who couldn’t omit their passion for music and amidst their busy schedules dedicatedly practiced music. 

Music lovers always chart their way to express their art -- each member of the band had a hard time in buying their first instrument. Navdeep Singh, band's guitarist, said, “Buying my first guitar was an achievement for me," while Shivam Tashi, band's second guitarist, bought his first instrument with his scholarship. 

'Udaan' has performed in many concerts and has stood up for social causes. The band has performed to raise awareness and to raise voluntary help for the children of 'Kala Pathshala', a slum school started by a Delhi-based NGO. 

The band is keen to experiment with music. For the past three years, they have been expanding their creative boundaries. Mohit Sharma, the lead singer, said, “Fusing music needs to build a connection with team mates and music beats.” 

These budding artists are self-made musicians and their band is an inspiration to all those who believe music to be their passion. 

During the LIVE session with CitySpidey, the band performed their own version of contemporary Bollywood music, and even presented Kabir's verses marinated with melancholy.