Delhi-NCR RWAs face several issues imposing Covid-19 guidelines
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Delhi-NCR RWAs face several issues imposing Covid-19 guidelines

CitySpidey talked to RWAs to understand the problems they are facing in enforcing the guidelines

Delhi-NCR RWAs face several issues imposing Covid-19 guidelines

New Delhi: It’s been more than one year since the pandemic hit us and since then most of us are stuck within the walls of our homes. Now as things are getting normal and there are many people who are violating the Covid rules and regulations and are not taking precautions.

CitySpidey talked to different Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and tried to understand what are the problems they are facing in enforcing the guidelines.

General Secretary of Express Zenith, Sector 77, Noida, Devendar said, “On the entry gate of our society, temperature scanning, and sanitisation are mandatory for all the vendors, maids or helpers. We also took all the precautions at every tower’s reception but even if we enforce rules and regulations, there are few people who don't follow them. There are many people who don't wear masks. Even during the lockdown, few people were seen hanging out on daily basis.”

He added, “The residents of our society maintain social distancing. But the problem is that people don't wear masks in proper manner. We also had RTPCR test camp in our society.”

KK Sharma, President of Marvel Homes, Sector 61, Noida said, “The main problems that we faced were no proper arrangements by the police and administration. There were many people who were Covid positive and still they moved outside. We requested them to stay at their homes. It is upon  individuals to give information about their reports.”

He added, “There were few people who were Covid positive and they gave information to us after 3 or 4 days. Last time, the administration had put up the notice on the main door of flats of Covid positive patients, so nobody went there but this time there is no proper arrangement.”

Puneet, President of Aditya Celebrity Homes in Sector 76, Noida said, “The biggest problem is we are not the authority, we can only facilitate as we do not have any power. We can request people and make them aware but we cannot impose regulations on them. We have requested the people, who are not wearing masks and breaking the Covid guidelines, to follow the guidelines. We cannot  enforce them and this is the biggest issue.”

Manoo Jee Tickoo, Vice President of Saral CGHS, Dwarka said, “There were some minor issues as residents were not aware about them being Covid positive. Apart from that, we faced difficulties in santising the societies every day.”

Harish Sharma, Secretary of Shakuntalam CGHS, Dwarka said, “We were a bit afraid because our society was having a lot of cases. We faced difficulties in enforcing the Covid guidelines.”