Monsoon is here: Some tips to be stylish this season
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Monsoon is here: Some tips to be stylish this season

Monsoon arrives and the fashion sense is ruined. Isn’t that the reality?

Monsoon is here: Some tips to be stylish this season

Which is the season in which we pack our favourite bottom-wear and do not take it out until the season ends? Monsoon.

No matter how much we love the season, no one can deny the fact that it makes us compromise our dressing style. To solve this problem, we have come up with the trending fashion ideas of this season.


If you are thinking of purchasing your Gumboots, then look out for bright colours. They look stylish and will even complement your overall look.


I totally understand that you hate to wear those long and boring-to-wear raincoats. But there is a plethora of raincoats that you can style. If you are looking for transparent raincoats, go for the polka dots pattern. Pink, green, yellow and blue are the raincoat colours that will go with many of your outfits.


If you are one of those who start avoiding wearing jeans in the monsoon, switch to cool and funky shorts immediately. This goes for all of you. Prefer jeans shorts as it matches with all the types of tops and shirts.

Monsoon shoes

Save your converse and sneakers and buy flip-flops, and rubber-soled sandals. Try these or be at the mercy of dirty rain water.

Transparent Umbrellas

If you are thinking of going out in the monsoon wearing gumboots, then take out a transparent umbrella. For all the reasons, this can be a good mix-match and popular style in the rainy season.

Light Clothes

Women can try many of their knee-length dresses in the monsoon. Prefer wearing cotton dresses as they are breathable and light to wear in this particular season. Avoid jewellery styling this time.

These are the essentials you need to have in monsoon to maintain your fashion statement.