Leisure during pandemic
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Leisure during pandemic

Here is a list of activities people can engage themselves in while being at home

Leisure during pandemic

During the first lockdown, people got involved in various fun activities to escape their daily routine. Work from home was not as easy as thought. In the pandemic, we all have realised the value of often-squeezed leisure activities that preserved people's mental and physical well-being.

Here is a list of activities people can engage themselves in while being at home:


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Get good times rolling without leaving home. You might think that skating would be next to impossible to do within the walls of your home, all you need is an area of at least six feet by six feet that is free of obstacles and your roller skates. Remember safety first!

It's recommended to wear protective gear like wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet as well.

Learn to bake

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Instead of cooking, try your hands on baking. With all that extra time in your hands, you could bake some cakes, muffins, cookies, and heaps of happiness. Baking is known to be a creative-therapeutic activity.

So try it out, guys.

Indoor games

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Board games, puzzles, and cards have always been our favourite indoor games. They are fun and have proven to be the best anxiety busters when at home. There are a variety of unique and chic indoor games for both adults and kids.

Play UNO, Tic-Tac-Toe, Tambola, Dominoes, Monopoly, Business, Ludo, Chess, Carrom Board, Scrabble, and Jigsaw Puzzle.

You can try these nostalgic indoor games and reminisce your child hood days.


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Gardening is a fun hobby that's good for health. You could utilise your patio or roof top wisely to plan your garden. Gardening is a rewarding hobby. Plants clean the air around you, and gift you with fresh harvests. Flowering plants like marigold, rose and hibiscus could keep your garden smiling. Whereas by growing tomatoes and lettuce you could reduce carbon footprint.

YouTube is full of gardening tutorials, so just click, explore and keep gardening!

Watch cartoons

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Nowadays, watching cartoons are the fun for the children as well as for adults. Well known cartoons like Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Popeye, and Looney tunes will make you revisit your childhood days.

Instead of watching OTT content all the time, go on YouTube and watch your favourite cartoons.

Drawing and painting

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This hobby could unwind your stress and help you express your creativity. It's a stress-relieving activity where a blank page readily waits for you to vent out your thoughts, feelings, and stories in the form of sketches and caricatures.

You never know that you might create a painting that can be framed in your own house. Wink-wink!

Watch good movies

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Almost all movie lovers will have a list of movies that they want to watch. Explore the world of films and cinematography by exploring your favourite genres, directors, actors, and scriptwriters.
You could also watch documentaries based on real life characters, events, and paradigms.

Read books

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Reading a book is an interesting way to pass time, each time you read a book you get to experience a whole new world. It frees you from monotony and makes the reader live the life of the protagonist. Reading makes you calm and relaxed while growing your knowledge.

Start with short stories, and move forward with exploring your favourite genres, biographies, authors, and characters.

So, now you know what you can do rather than going out and risking your health during the pandemic.