A guide to click self-portrait
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A guide to click self-portrait

Self-portrait is a way to express yourself

A guide to click self-portrait

The self-portrait is a way to express yourself. It is not easy to capture self photographs when it comes to managing everything from the background to the lighting, costume, makeup and of course camera settings by yourself, though some trouble is necessary to be a self-boss!

Clicking yourself can be tricky sometimes when things are not pre-planned and designed properly so here are some guidances which you can adapt to look gorgeous and oversee all the arrangements at peace. Choose to arrange the background and foreground, in front of which your glamorous shoot will be taking place.


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Preparing the background is one of the most important aspects as it enhances your pictures a lot. Choose the colour of your background in contrast to the colour of your dress so that it can elevate yourself to create a dramatic effect. You can also opt for dark and light themes of the same colour.

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Portraits can be clicked outdoors as well as indoors, while choosing an outdoor location, remember not to set your background in the direction where sunlight is coming from as it will result in darker images.

Camera equipment

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Arranging all of the equipment like camera, lights, mobile phones, chargers etc helps in saving time and eliminates the chances of mistakes in the end. Decide the height of the tripod according to the shot and fix it well before shooting. Now mount your camera on it and start shooting with a timer on your camera or mobile phone.

Basic shots for self-portraits are close-mid shots. For such shots, you can fix the height of the tripod on eye level and the person should be 1.4 metres away.

Don’t worry if you are not having a tripod, use some books, a table, or any long basket to support your camera. Remember to keep larger things first and smaller objects on top to provide height to your camera.

You can also try a selfie remote shutter instead of setting a timer in your phone or camera. They are connected via Bluetooth to the camera.


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Lighting is a key factor in any photoshoot. They should be used in a way the theme of the picture is expected. Using three-point lighting is an effective way to glam up our pictures with enough light. As the name suggests, there are three lights used in it: key light, backlight and fill light.

The key light is the brightest one which should be in front of the subject to illuminate it properly,  another one is filled light that is dimmer than key light and another source of light which fills shadows formed by light. The last one is the backlight, it is the last source of light that is directed to one side and helps in making a separation between background and subject.

To eliminate harsh shadows on the face you can also use reflectors. Clicking outdoors can be useful. If you do not have many lighting options at home, sunlight is the best source. The best time to invest in outdoor shoots is from early morning to mid-morning and in the evening during golden hour.

Bring creativity to your shots

For clicking eye catchy pictures, try some creativity with these easy suggestions:

  • Play with objects at home, use a strainer in direct sunlight or in front of any light source to create interesting shadows on subjects.
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  • Clicking pictures from different angles brings dramatic stories to photographs. To create a dominant effect or if you want to look taller in pictures, set the camera on a lower angle according to yourself.
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  • Dramatic effect portraits are absorbing. For such portraits, you can blur out the background and use lighting in front of your head.
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  • Find your best angle and boom up the shots with stunning beauty.
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  • Try experimenting with objects kept at your home and put them within your frame. Flower vases, any vintage box, radio, books, unique headbands and theme photoshoots can be used.
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  • To attract more views, follow the rules of composition, like a frame in frame.
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  • Add colours to your photograph, with colour gel sheets by keeping them in front of your camera and by covering the source of light with a colour gel sheet. You can change the whole mood of the photograph.
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Try out these pro tips to click a self-portrait and enjoy. Happy clicking!