Find comfort in cushions
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Find comfort in cushions

A cushion will remain a sheer luxury to anyone no matter in their home

Find comfort in cushions

We all wish for a perfect home with our favorite furnishing, interior, and trendy decor elements. But at the same time, utility is also important.

Cushions are one element in home decor that can significantly impact the overall feel of your home. With aesthetics, we also expect to get a proper welcome and care from our cushions whenever we sleep or sit on them. It would not be an overstatement to say that a  sofa set, chair, couch, bed, window seat, etc in any home are tasteless without different kinds of cushions on them.

In the current work-from-home culture, it is important to have comfort with cushions. Here, we have created a list of cushions you can consider to feel luxurious every day. 

Chair cushions

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Chair cushions give comfort and make it easier to sit in the right posture. Such cushions help maintain a natural posture. This practice leads to fewer back issues and helps in focussing more. Look at cushions that are made of memory foam or gel and the combination of these two. Gel ones give better heat dissipation, are a little more expensive, and may break down soon if not properly taken care of. 

Throw pillows

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Throw pillows generally come in shapes like square, round, bolster, rectangle, etc. Such pieces are usually used as decor pieces in the house as they are mostly used to place in sofa sets or armchairs. Apart from adding aesthetic value, they have a functional perspective too. They help in providing back, neck, and head support. 

Double-welted cushions 


Double-welted cushions are cushions with boxed and welted-edged designs. These old and traditional-looking cushions are used to fit on the sofa in homes. Due to their thickness, they are long-lasting and do not squeeze even after regular use. 

Knife-edge cushions 

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Knife-edge cushions are made by sewing the top and bottom of the fabric together. These cushions do not consist of sidewalls like double-welted cushions. The fluffiness of these cushions is loved by all as they give a relaxing feeling when a person returns from a long tiring day. 

Rocking chair cushions

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Already a rocking chair is the one that gives the effect of a swing and if a perfect cushion is added to it, then this chair is not less than a magical chair. Such a cushion has square designs made of sponge on it which provides comfort and you can take a perfect nap any time you want. 

Aditya Manna, the salesperson at Singh Interior, Nehru Bazar, Paharganj, New Delhi explained that cushion covers come in three types. They are as followers:

  • Length 16 and breath 16 - Rs 60 per cushion piece
  • Length 18 and breath 18 - Rs 130 per cushion piece
  • Length 24 and breath 24 - Rs 250 per cushion piece

While Shripal Singh, salesperson of Guru Nanak Furniture, Nehru Bazar, Paharganj, New Delhi said "Cushions made for cervical pain start from Rs 750."

Get yourself a cushion to make your home complete and yourself comfortable.