Dwarka: Darkness engulfing street of Sector-23
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Dwarka: Darkness engulfing street of Sector-23

The authorities refuse to budge and the complaints continue

Dwarka: Darkness engulfing street of Sector-23

Dwarka: Defunct street lights have become a cause of concern for the residents and commuters in the Dwarka area. One of the badly lit roads is at Dwarka sector 23, Pochanpur.

When CitySpidey visited the area, the street lights were not working properly and the whole lane was dark. The installation of street lights serves no purpose if the area is not well lit.

After sundown, the lanes become unsafe and incidents of snatching have become far too common. Overgrown trees and dense undergrowth have made matters worse.

Shruthi Venkatesh, a commuter said, “The roads from sector 23, Dwarka has a T-point which goes towards other sectors of Dwarka and other goes towards Gurgaon road. The area is not properly lit and it is unsafe after sunset. The authorities should immediately look into this matter of streetlights."

The entire stretch has no lights and many accidents can take place because of this.

Nitish Kumar, a commuter said, "The whole stretch is dark.  It's so unsafe to travel from Gurgaon to sector 23 lane. Hope the authorities repair the lights soon."

Shashank Singh, a resident of Dwarka sector-23 said, "Poor lit streets are perceived as dangerous. A well-lit street would reduce fear. It would make the street welcoming for women and all, including senior citizens. It would enable mobility. Small steps, each of us can do our part.”

The authorities should immediately install lights and ensure adequate illumination in the evenings and nighttime.