Dwarka: Faulty street lights in Sector 11 &10
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Dwarka: Faulty street lights in Sector 11 &10

There are patches of roads in total darkness and areas with poor lighting

Dwarka: Faulty street lights in Sector 11 &10

Dwarka: The lane in front of Dwarka Sector 11 metro station towards Dwarka Sector 10 market has faulty lights.

Shruti Vats, a commuter said, "Of course we are sensitive to the environment and advocate saving electricity and water. But at what cost? Should we allow residents and commuters to suffer through  accidents and allow antisocial elements to take advantage?"

Dwarka sub-city was supposed to be modern with brightly lit roads. Instead, the roads are dark and gloomy in many places. There are patches of roads in total darkness and areas with poor lighting. These are great hazards for motorists and more so for pedestrians and others using these roads. Not only are they unsafe, they encourage anti-social elements and petty crime.

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When CitySpidey visited the area, the street lights were not working properly and the whole lane was dark. The installation of street lights serves no purpose if the area is not well lit.

Shilpa Singh, a commuter of Sector 11, Dwarka said, "After coming back from office, I feel so unsafe. The whole lane always stays dark."

Vishaka Prajapanti, a resident of sector -10 said, "Pedestrians are at great  risk as oncoming vehicles cannot see those walking  on the road and it is dark."

Senior citizens and women in particular are the worst sufferers and  face the risk of getting knocked down by motorists. People, not being able to see the road clearly for potholes, etc can get hurt.

Govind Misra, a resident of Dwarka sector-11 said, "It is risky, dangerous as well as difficult for anybody to walk on this road. Plus, there are potholes in some places and without any light, it is  very risky to walk here."

Geetanjali Sharma, a commuter, said, "Issue is that most of the street lights are faulty and even after complaints, nobody has come to take a look at  it. Authorities should pay more attention to it"

Field staff of the concerned agency should take regular rounds of the area to find out whether streetlights are in order or not.

All the Dwarka residents can immediately start complaining and  follow the procedure given below.

The streetlight’s pole photo with number (painted yellow), location  landmark & complete address should be reported to:

1. BSES 24x7 WhatsApp Helpline Line No 8800919123

2. Coordinates shared in the “Complaint Centre For DDA Street  Lighting” sticker (above the pole light no.) which has 2 landline  numbers: 011-27564444 & 011-39999707, as well as email  ecrcddapark@gmail.com

3. BSES 24x7 toll-free helpline number - 19123