Potatoes become better at Pappu Ki Chaat
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Potatoes become better at Pappu Ki Chaat

The fusion of crispy fried potato with fresh spices and lemon juice is true bliss

Potatoes become better at Pappu Ki Chaat

The freshly boiled potatoes are tossed on the heated tawa inside hot piping oil, making boiled potatoes crispy and crunchy. The hot and mushy potatoes are mixed with spicy and sweet chutney, ground spice powders, and lemon juice; it's ultimately a bliss to your eyes and as well as for your stomach. This beautiful combination of sweet and spicy potatoes is to die for at Pappu's chaat corner.

Connaught Place, the centre of New Delhi is the haven for many culinary gems including Pappu Ki Chaat. Pappu chaat corner is in the city for almost 40 years. Mr Pappu's late father, Bhagwan Swarup Gupta, is behind the famous and most loved aloo chaat corner by everyone in the city. Due to the early demise of their father, Mr Pappu and his elder brother Mr Rameshwar take care of the chaat corner now. After serving the customers, he stated, “I still serve customers who have been coming here from the last 30-40 years.”


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People from different places and cities visit here to have the crispiest and yummiest aloo chaats of all time. The crisp sound of the aloos they serve is my all-time favorite savoury. An added advantage are the pocket-friendly prices. Pappu chat corner not only does their famous aloo chaat but has more stored items for you. Aloo Tikki, Fruit chaat, different variety of shakes, lemon drink and other beverages too. You can also have a pleasant conversation with both the brothers as they are amiable and always happy to chat if you like to have a conversation. Pappu emphasises that all the things you find here will be fresh. He prepares everything in his shop the quality of food is not compromised at all.

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Corona has hit us all with some or the other way. The chaat store owner, Mr. Pappu, has also been affected by the virus's arrival. His business has gone a little down since the coronavirus. The number of customers has also decreased a bit. Nevertheless, things are looking better again. With a smiling face, he says, “Pappu ki chaat jo bhi khata hai use kuch nahi hota or baar baar aakar khata hai.”

Pappu chaat corner remains open from 09.00 am till 09.00 pm. You can bring your friends and family here for the love of aloo chaats. They are among the best and oldest in the city, justifying the adage, “Old is Gold.”