Dwarka: Non-functional traffic lights in sectors 6 and 10
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Dwarka: Non-functional traffic lights in sectors 6 and 10

The absence of working traffic lights has become commonplace in the sub-city

Dwarka: Non-functional traffic lights in sectors 6 and 10

Dwarka: Dwarka residents have raised the problems related to traffic lights not working in many places and inadequate traffic police in such places. In particular, the situation in Sector 6 and 10 crossing at Gokul Dham Chowk is very bad and getting out of hand.

The absence of working traffic lights, in most cases on busy roads, has become commonplace in the sub-city. It has also resulted in innumerable traffic jams, accidents, etc. The traffic lights at Sector 10 & 6 in front of Godrej Apartment have been dysfunctional for three days.

Haphazard traffic in absence if traffic lights

Dharmesh Gupta, a resident of Godrej Apartments said, “There was less traffic during the lockdown, but now as it’s opening, people tend to overspeed on empty roads and in the evening time, it becomes problematic.”

Dilip Ram, a morning commuter said, “There have been many instances of traffic lights not working at many places in the sub-city. This has been causing a lot of problems and inconvenience to motorists.”

The situation is such that two-wheelers, cyclists and other small vehicles are at the mercy of cars, SUVs, small tempos, buses and trucks. It is really scary driving through this traffic light since the bigger vehicles tend not to stop for other smaller vehicles to pass or cross.

Traffic lights or not?

Residents of Sector 10, Plot no 14, 16 and Sector 6 T-point, many apartments around there claim that it is aggravating the traffic problem on the route in the evening. Nearly 10,000 vehicles ply on the route daily.

Vishal Yadav, a resident said, “This is not an ordinary route. Besides, Sector 10 residents, who are going to sectors 13, 14, 16, Najafgarh, Kakrola Mor also take this road.”

Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Sector 6 said, “This is an everyday occurrence. In the peak hours, mornings and evenings, the traffic is in virtual chaos. The traffic signal was not working for the past 3-4 days. Nobody has bothered to repair this. The traffic police fail to act on this.”

It is a virtual free-for-all. Also, here the traffic comes from the wrong side of Sector 6 market to go to Sector 5 or straight towards societies on the main road in Sector 6. This breaking of rules is done with impunity and in total disregard to the traffic rules.

Dimple Arya, a resident of Saral Apartments said, “As an alternative to the non-working street lights, traffic police should be posted at such places to regulate traffic and stop traffic violations. But  nobody is ready to hear the suggestions and we have to bear the brunt of the bad management.”