Sare Homes: Residents level slew of allegations against RWA during protest
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Sare Homes: Residents level slew of allegations against RWA during protest

Gautam alleged that the residents are getting 3-4 times inflated electricity bills

Sare Homes: Residents level slew of allegations against RWA during protest

Gurugram: The residents of Sare Homes, Sector 92, Gurugram on Sunday protested against the irregularities in the management of the society. The residents alleged that the Resident Welfare Association has been misappropriating funds and taking decisions arbitrarily.

An ex-member of the Resident Welfare Association (RWA), Abhijeet Gautam levelled serious charges against the incumbent member of the present RWA. He said that the RWA has taken over the electricity from the Insolvency Resolution Professional (IRP) on account of a false affidavit.

Gautam alleged that ever since that happened, the residents are getting 3-4 times inflated electricity bills and their grievances are not being heard. “No one from the RWA shows up for any of us. Every day we are being imposed with new types of charges by the RWA. The RWA is spending the CAM charges as per their wish. Residents are not being informed nor being provided any explanation or details,” he said.

“When the residents try to raise their voices, they are being served with legal notices. They think they can silence us that way. Moreover, they did a general body meeting where office bearers were not present, queries asked by residents were not answered, no documents provided, demand of election by the general body was rejected, and now they are forcefully implementing a pre-paid metering system, even when so many flats don't have any meters installed, and the existing meters are not calibrated. I am the ex-General Secretary of the RWA. I resigned in February when I tried to stop their wrongdoings and when they didn't stop, I resigned,” he shared.

He also added, “According to the HRRS Act 2012, every RWA needs to do the general body meeting twice in a year at the interval of six months where they are bound to present all the audited financials and get it approved by the general body. Also, only the general body is capable of approving all the major decisions of the society”.

A resident of the society, Ritesh Verma, who was present during the protest, said, “The main issue with the RWA is that they don't listen to residents' voices. They are imposing higher CAM charges with only day-to-day work. They are using residents' money in illegal construction on project sites and not showing expenses. No audit has been done yet, they have shared a rough financial report which has lots of irregularities. They are unable to show the daily purchase and expenses bills and receipt. They were taking Rs 6.35 per unit rate till last month despite the rate was decreased in March/April only.”

“There are lots of issues with the electricity meter and newly hired PES system who is calculating the electricity bills. They are charging on DG more than mains electricity. Now they are implementing prepaid electricity systems without proper infrastructure. Even in July, the electricity bill was manually entered, hence most of the residents received double, triple and many-fold electricity bills. Now residents requested the RWA to rectify bills but they did not pay heed, rather said that it's the correct bill because they have not captured the June month bill properly. They have taken over electricity from IRP illegally without residents' consent and without any resolution passed in GBM. We can say that the whole society is suffering due to RWA’s autocratic decisions,” he said.

“Due to rigging and extra burden, people asked questions in the general body meeting held last week. the RWA officials did not give any answer, while the head did not even come to the meeting, due to this, about 60-70 people of the society on Sunday gathered and asked RWA for the answer but no one came to answer, after which people protested. Many residents demanded action against the RWA. Also, 150+ people signed a document to give back the responsibility of electricity to IRP. The government should also intervene in this because it is about the life of 1000+ families living in the society,” said Suresh Sharma, a resident of the society.