Three generations of ‘Chole’ dynasty: Chaurasia Food Centre
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Three generations of ‘Chole’ dynasty: Chaurasia Food Centre

Yummy matar kulche with pudina and onion is a true street treat.

Three generations of ‘Chole’ dynasty: Chaurasia Food Centre

Yummy matar with kulcha, beautiful garnishing of garden-fresh pudina with freshly prepared green chutney topped with ring onion is a true street treat. This tempting dish is one of the most preferred food items for Delhiites. And who serves it better than Chaurasia Snack Corner in Connaught Place.

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Who knew a journey started in 1984 taken by the Chaurasia family would bring real flavours and taste to the people of Delhi. Chaurasia juices, shakes, and snacks center is one of the favourite corners for people from the corporate world working in Connaught place, Delhi. The shop remains active from 7:00 am to 8:30 pm at the night every day.

The shop was started by the father of Chaurasia brothers, Bejnath Chaurasia who only had a variety of juices in the beginning but as their business started proliferating, they came up with the most demanded snacks and shakes nearly 10 years back which brought them more foodies.

The small-scale business started by the family has brought ample profit over the years. When the Chaurasia centre became successful, they started special home and office delivery.

One of the Chaurasia brothers Rajesh Chaurasia told CitySpidey that they never compromise on food quality and hygiene. They believe in serving fresh food every day and are happy to serve their food. “If customers love our food, we are satisfied,” he said. He further added that at the end of the day, they distribute the leftover to the needy people around the Hanuman mandir.

Chaurasia centre is a united effort of three brothers Rajesh, Satish and Jagdish Chaurasia. Their preparations start at night for the next day, where they plan and prepare raw materials.

Speaker Rajesh also shared his emotion while mentioning, “We faced difficulty during the time of covid as there was less sale and they had to pay rent and other expenses from their savings.”

You can enjoy different varieties of Indian food at the Chaurasia food stall. Other than matar kulche, they serve dishes like rajma chawal, chole bhature, paneer chawal, with hot and cold beverages.