Let 'Fenugreek' do the talking
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Let 'Fenugreek' do the talking

Fenugreek seeds, also known as methi dana, easily found in our kitchens have so many benefits

Let 'Fenugreek' do the talking

Fenugreek seeds, also known as methi dana, are a basic item found in nearly every Indian kitchen. It not only improves the flavour of a variety of regional specialties, but it also has a lot of health advantages. The usage of methi dana for hair issues is one such great advantage.

In terms of health advantages, fenugreek seeds are beneficial in controlling diabetes since they can assist to stabilise blood sugar levels and stimulate insulin synthesis in the body. These can also assist with digestion and cholesterol reduction. Weight reduction can be aided by drinking fenugreek water.

The fenugreek seeds have long been used to treat hair loss and thinning. It promotes quicker and better new hair development by stimulating blood flow in the scalp and nourishing the hair follicles. It also has a large amount of mucilage, which makes detangling hair a breeze. If you have dry, coarse, or frizzy hair, a fenugreek seed hair mask is a fantastic choice since it improves manageability while also restoring lustre and bounce.

Here are a few hair advantages of fenugreek that you should be aware of :

  • These seeds are a great way to get rid of dandruff.
  • Fenugreek seeds help to strengthen the hair roots, preventing hair loss.
  • Fenugreek seeds are high in nutrients that promote hair development.
  • The usage of fenugreek seeds on a regular basis might help to enhance the texture and look of your hair.
  • This ingredient's high potassium concentration makes it an excellent treatment for premature hair greying.
  • These seeds can assist your scalp and offer you stronger, thicker hair.
  • Fenugreek seeds are a great conditioner for your hair. This substance is fantastic for dry, frizzy hair.
  • Fenugreek may also aid in the control of greasy scalp.

Fenugreek is a magical spice with benefits to health and beauty. Here, we've narrowed down the best two fenugreek seed hair packs that are effective in combating common hair problems:

MASK 1: Mighty Curd- Fenugreek mask

Credits: CitySpidey

With this natural hair mask, you may utilise methi to get rid of persistent dandruff in no time. Because of its potent components, this treatment works wonderfully. Curd has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it useful for treating dandruff and scalp infections. It also hydrates and softens the hair. For curing dandruff and adding shine to your hair, try this easy methi hair pack recipe.

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You'll Require:

  • Seeds of fenugreek
  • Curd
  • Honey
  • Coconut Oil (if needed)

Process :
- Depending on the length of your hair, soak two teaspoons of Fenugreek seeds.
-Grind the ingredients together. Add 4 tablespoons of curd and 1 tiny spoonful of honey to the mixture.
- Apply a mask to your scalp and hair. Put on your shower hat or wrap a muslin cloth or a towel around your head.
-Allow for an hour of application before completely rinsing.
-Wash your hair with shampoo and let it air dry.

MASK 2: Wonder Hibiscus-Fenugreek hair mask

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Hibiscus flowers contain naturally occurring amino acids that nourish the hair and encourage hair development. These amino acids are used to make keratin, a structural protein that is the foundation of hair. Try this easy-to-make mask for long, strong hair that helps with the general thickness of hair strands, making them more manageable. A hibiscus hair mask will not only strengthen the hair roots, but it will also assist to prevent premature greying.
You'll Require:
Hibiscus blossom and leaves
Seeds of fenugreek
- Overnight soak a few teaspoons of Fenugreek seeds
- Combine 3-4 hibiscus leaves, 1 hibiscus flower, and a medium onion in a bowl.
- To produce a fine paste, grind all of the ingredients together.
- Apply the mask to your hair and keep it for an hour. After rinsing with lukewarm water, wash your hair with a gentle cleanser.