AOA election notification sparks furore in Mahagun Moderne
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AOA election notification sparks furore in Mahagun Moderne

Deputy Registrar cancelled the election being conducted by Mahagun Moderne AOA

AOA election notification sparks furore in Mahagun Moderne

Noida: Residents of Mahagun Moderne, a residential society in Sector 78, Noida, informed that election matters of society are subjudice at Prayagraj High Court. As per them, the interim order deems the AOA of the society illegal. The Officer on Special Duty [Group Housing] has been notified of the matter officially.

However, on September 10, a letter was sent to conduct election under the letterhead of Apartment Owners Association, which according to the residents was sent under the approval of Noida Authority. Residents said that when the Deputy Registrar cancelled the election being conducted by Mahagun Moderne AOA, then why election notification was sent which is clearly a mockery of bylaws.

Indrani Mukherjee, a resident of the society, on September 23 visited the Noida Authority office to raise this issue regarding AOA election notification. “The election declared by Mahagun Moderne AOA was quashed by the Deputy Registrar saying that the AOA of Mahagun Moderne is time-barred and it does not have the authority to hold elections in the society,” she said.

“It is known that Mahagun Moderne AOA had announced elections for only three posts on September 10, while the residents here have been demanding for a long time to conduct fair elections for all the ten posts. However, in December 2020, thousands of residents also demonstrated against the AOA in the society demanding elections for ten posts. Taking cognizance of the written complaint of mine and Rahul Moondra, Deputy Registrar gave this order. We met Avinash Tripathi [OSD] and appraised him about the whole thing, he was actually not aware of this order that the high court and Deputy Registrar had already passed,” she continued.

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“He asked us why the Deputy Registrar has not marked me so we told him that it is not your jurisdiction. What order you have given regarding conducting elections is out of your jurisdiction. We already told them that we will file contempt charges against them so either you withdraw the orders that they have given and give us the clarification that this is not for election and it is for handover. Also that the election will be conducted after the orders given by the deputy registrar or we will file contempt of court against you on Monday,” concluded Mukherjee.

The conflict between AOA and the residents of Mahagun Moderne has been going on for a long time now. About thousands of residents from Mahagun Moderne protested in December 2020 against AOA. They demanded fresh elections to form a new executed body. The residents alleged that from the past three years no election has taken place in the society. They also said that they are not satisfied with the working of AOA and how they are taking care of the maintenance of society.

Uttam Sharma, a resident of the society said, “The AOA is not practicing transparency in their conduct. There is absolutely no transparency in keeping the accounts of the society. If we dare to ask and raise this issue, there is no one who entertains us and they also use foul language.”

Another resident, Rahul Moondra said, “The AOA has done misappropriation of funds. They are doing expenditure on behalf of the residents without taking any approval in the general body meeting. In past, they changed the security service of the society in the night, for which around 600-700 residents came out on roads to protest against this, in reaction they got the old security services back.”

“Our point is they don’t discuss anything with the residents and take decisions on their own. This month only the AOA has stopped our FTTH [Fiber to the home] service and brought their own vendor and sent a notice to the residents that they will give us the Internet services. Now our Airtel connections are not working because everything was working on FTTH, we brought the open lines as our society intercom has not been working for the past 20 days. Nor our society’s CCTV is working from 15-20 days. All these matters should be discussed over general body meetings if you want to change FTTH service or so on. It requires planning that they have never done,” he said.