Noida: Residents of Civitech Stadia stage protest over maintenance negligence
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Noida: Residents of Civitech Stadia stage protest over maintenance negligence

"Builder is not refunding 52000 rupees taken in the name of electricity load & meter"

Noida: Residents of Civitech Stadia stage protest over maintenance negligence

Residents of Civitech Stadia, Sector 79 held a peaceful demonstration against the builder of Civitech (Golf Green SuperStructure Pvt Ltd) on  Sunday, September 26 from 12 noon to 2 pm in front of Society Marketing Office. The residents said that they have told their problems to the builder Golf Green SuperStructure Pvt Ltd several times through various mediums (mail, meeting), but the builder has remained indifferent towards their problems.

Residents alleged that the builder did not take any action even after making the company aware of the residents' problems several times. According to the residents, it has been more than 2 years but to date, the registration of flats has not been done. Residents raised several issues in their protest like parking has been created arbitrarily and inconvenient parking is being forcibly allotted. The stilt parking has not yet been offered for sale at an exorbitant price. Fire safety rules have been violated in the parking lot. Open parking is not approved in the project, yet open  parking has been sold to the people. 52000 rupees were taken in the name of electricity connections, now multipoint has been installed in the society but the amount hasn't been refunded.

Deepak Garg, President, Civitech Stadia Residents Association, said, “The exit road is so narrow that an accident can happen at any time. Plaster is falling from ceilings, water keeps dripping in the basement, the lift is dysfunctional most of the times. The aggrieved residents staged a symbolic  dharna on Sunday and after the resolution of the problems, it was decided to protest in this way continuously. A lot of times, the residents have put their problems in front of the builder company for sympathetic consideration, but never got a positive answer. Ownership rights have not been received even by taking flats worth crores”.

Another person, Manoj Kumar Singh, General Secretary, Civitech Stadia Residents Association, said, “The already narrow road has been made narrower, there is a high chance of accidents.”

“Builder is not refunding 52000 rupees taken in the name of electricity load & meter. Open parking has been sold to residents without proper  approval from concerned authorities. Parking allotment has been done in a vague manner causing inconvenience to residents. Blocked drive area between ramps making it accident-prone, violating fire norms. Stilt parking has not been offered to residents, in order to sell it later at an increased price. Poor maintenance, no fogging. Commercial shop’s AC units are installed on the backside facing flats”, said  Rishabh Gupta, a resident of the society.

CitySpidey also talked to Subodh Goel, Managing Director at Civitech Developers Pvt. Ltd, to know his views on issues alleged by the  residents, he said, “Registry is pending on the part of Noida Authority, we have done everything from our side, from making buildings to giving possessions but there are certain issues regarding the Sports City Development, so it is pending from the side of the Noida Authority and it is likely to sort very soon."
About the issue of the refund of 52000 rupees, he said, "There are two types of connections- single point, and multi-point. We have changed the connections from single point to multi point, for that, the company charging us and thus, that money can't be refunded. I am saying that if the residents return the old electricity meters, I'll refund them."

He further denied the allegations regarding the open parking accusations. He said, "We have allotted parking through lottery system. The parking system is well within approved criteria. As about the parking, we have allotted suitable parking to all the available residents as per their flats. Fogging doesn't come under maintenance but we are doing it as a courtesy. Residents think of this as their right. About the AC, even the air conditioners of the flats are also facing commercial shops. These accusations are baseless."