Noida: Sec 168 residents cry for authority's attention to poor infrastructure
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Noida: Sec 168 residents cry for authority's attention to poor infrastructure

The bad conditions of roads have not been taken under consideration by the authority

Noida: Sec 168 residents cry for authority's attention to poor infrastructure

Noida: It is nothing short of a roller coaster ride for commuters driving on the roads of Sector 168, Noida. No, it’s not a happy ride but a nightmare for the residents living by. For residents living there, the monsoon comes with many challenges as the situation of roads becomes worse and the water fills inside the pothole making it more difficult for the commuters to discover the depth of the pothole.

In addition, the residents have also raised the issue of improper streetlights along with improper roads. Residents said that the development work of the road is missing for the past many years. CitySpidey talked to the residents to understand their concerns.

Mohan Singh Negi, a resident of Paras Seasons in Sector 168, Noida said, “The basic infrastructure of the sector is in very bad shape. The miserable condition of roads has not been taken into consideration by the authorities. I don't understand why there is so much delay in making the roads.”

“This road was built seven years ago and we are waiting for a good road till now. I am a senior citizen and as soon as I go out on the road, I am afraid that any stone may hit. Whenever I feel like taking a walk, the first concern is the roads are in bad shape and the second one is that there is no park we can go to with our children. For these issues, we have done so many complaints but nothing has been done,” he said.

“It is disheartening to see that despite constant reminders, we have been getting lame responses like it's in the approval stage/under process but how long could a road approval process takes, the entire year has passed and all we have received is just excuses and long delays. It seems our sector is not at all in the scope of development by the concerned authority,” said Amit Chawla, a resident of Paras Seasons.

Another resident, Ganesh Dutt, said, “The road and greenery are at an all-time low. Several times this issue has been raised by means of tweet and Jansunwai, but no luck as so far, no action has taken  place.”

“The sector roads of Sector 168 are in such bad shape that it could lead to an accident any time. Waterlogging can be seen during rains and there are big potholes on the entire road in front of Golden Palm Paras Seasons and Sun World Society. The sector is inhabited by IT companies and schools. It's been more than six years that the sector still doesn't have a park so far,” said Puneet Chawla, a resident of Paras Seasons.

“Noida is a star smart city of Uttar Pradesh, witnessing new heights of developments. However, Sector 168 with 5000+ families residing in 5 highrises, has been neglected for years. We are requesting the Noida Authority for basic infrastructures like proper roads, streetlights, parks, sewage system, and drinking water connections, like the other nearby sectors, and the smell and fumes from the irrigation drain is also a major concern,” said  Biplab Basu, resident of Paras Seasons.

“Sector 168 is a very small sector surrounded by big IT parks like Candour, Steller and Advent, schools like Shiv Nadar and Shri Ram Millennium. This sector can be developed and showcased as a model smart sector of Noida if necessary action is taken for building proper infrastructure,” he added.