Casa Woodstock: Ineffective fire safety system worries residents
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Casa Woodstock: Ineffective fire safety system worries residents

Many women of the society have come forward to highlight fire safety lapses

Casa Woodstock: Ineffective fire safety system worries residents

Greater Noida:  The women  living in Casa Woodstock, Gaur City 2, Greater Noida  West, have come forward to highlight the loopholes related to fire safety lapses. According to them, society has no fire fighting system  that works. All the equipment are off and in many houses, no smoke or  fire detector has been installed, if some got installed then it has not been connected with main wiring. They also said that several  incidents have happened in society, and mishaps have happened in the  kitchen where due to lack of functional detector, no fire  alarm rang and no water sprinkler opened up.CitySpidey talked to the  ladies to know their concerns.

Anuradha, a resident of the society, said, “The fire extinguisher installed on every floor has not been tested for the past three years till now. No fire drill happens and people here are not even trained to use fire extinguishers. In flats, we do have installed fire detectors but even they never got tested. So we really don’t know if they are working or faulty. Also, a few cases have been found where small fires didn't happen but fire detectors didn’t work. But thankfully, no casualties happened.”

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“But this is a really serious matter and we can’t be lucky every time. Two cases of fire in the kitchen happened in towers B and D which I am able to recall and the fire extinguisher didn’t work. Then guards immediately came and helped them. Being working parents, we always feel insecure as there is a child and our parents are at home and if these types of cases happen in our absence they can’t do anything and who will take the responsibility? Fire and all are basic things for which we have paid and not getting facilities from the builder's side.”

Aradhana Pal, a resident of the society, said, “Fire sensors are not working properly. An incident happened in flat number D704. No one was in the house and it caught fire. There was a lot of damage. She reported it to the maintenance office and after a lot of follow up, they had taken action. It could have expanded to another house. If she went for a long time, this incident would not have taken a long time because she would have taken action immediately. Though she was telling me a lot of damage happened. After listening to this, we are also scared of what will happen. It can happen to anyone. So fire sensors should be worked properly and alarms should be raised automatically.”

Another resident, Taruna Sharma, said, “One incident happened with us but it was on the balcony. Some welding work was happening on some floor and the flames dropped on our balcony especially on clothes which were hanging there. It suddenly caught fire and even after calling the maintenance multiple times, they came in really late.”

Shikha, another resident of the society, said, “We have smoke detectors and fire alarms installed in our flats on the floor but they have not been tested ever. We don't know whether they are in working condition or not. Any fire accident can happen at any time. That scares us.”

We reached out for a reaction to the builder however we didn't receive  any response. We will update as soon as we receive one.