Poha from different states of India
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Poha from different states of India

This Indian special dish can be made easily in many different styles

Poha from different states of India

Making breakfast every morning is not a cakewalk! Health is also an important prerogative while choosing breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Talking about a healthy and tasty breakfast, it would be an offence to forget Poha. This Indian special can be made easily in many different styles, is absolutely healthy and would keep you active, unlike oil and ghee which tend to make one sleepy right in the morning.

India is a diverse country and that diversity can also be seen in our food. Poha is a healthy and light breakfast, but preparing it with the same style and flavour is quite boring so let's read out how different states of India have their own unique style of preparing the same dish with different flavours and methods.

Nagpur Tarri Poha

Credits: Aharam

Quite new to ears? Nagpur tarri poha is prominent in Nagpur which is served with tangy masala curry. It is a great blend of nutritious and healthy snack food for everyone. It is prepared in less than an hour with the ingredients like thick chivra, kala chana, garnished with finely chopped onion, curry leaves and chillies.

Jharkhand ka Poha

Credits: Shalu Sharma

This dish is somewhere similar to sweet rice. To prepare this Poha, you need to wash a generous amount of Poha in a bowl. Once they are rinsed and become soggy, add curd and sugar to it. Mix it well and enjoy it with some fruit juice or lassi. It is a perfect dish to prepare when you are lazy or busy and have less time to prepare something healthy. This method of preparing Poha is very popular in Jharkhand.

Indori Poha


This Poha inspired by Indorians is loaded with tasty crunchy nuts and sevaiyaan. It is very easy to prepare and serve this dish which hardly takes 30 minutes of preparation. Jeera masala is used in it and is one of its specialities. This staple food is served with crunchy namkeen and delicious jalebi which definitely enhances its taste.

Maharashtra ka Poha

Credits: Organic Tattva

This Poha is world famous and its main ingredient is kanda i.e onion. This is served with delicious garnishing of munchy peanuts, namkeen and coriander. You can serve it with any type of homemade chutney and tea.

Veggie Poha

Credits: Medium

Generally, Poha is prepared in a simple method but to make your Poha more colourful and tasty, you can add chopped vegetables like broccoli, carrot, capsicum, beans, bell pepper and onions as well. You can also garnish your veggie poha with peanuts and dry fruits like almond, cashew nuts and walnuts.

Some basic instructions while prepare Poha:

Do not over soak your poha in water; it can become soggy.
Saute vegetables before putting poha in the pan.
Check out if any of the peanut or dry nuts are rotten, it can give a bad taste.
Use a flat stick (scoop) to mix everything well and not a circular one.
Use very light while mixing everything well, otherwise, Poha can become soggy.