Homes 121: Residents say power issue is perennial in society
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Homes 121: Residents say power issue is perennial in society

They said that they have complained many times but nothing has worked out till now

Homes 121: Residents say power issue is perennial in society

Noida: During the rain on Tuesday evening, in many sectors of Noida, the power went out for 1-3 hours. The residents complained to the higher officials through Twitter. Residents of Homes 121, Sector 121, Noida said that electricity issues are very perennial in their society. They also said that they have complained many times and also have written complaints to MLA, but nothing has worked out till now.

Dinesh Singh, a resident of Homes 121, said, “Our electricity connection is from Sector 66 tower. The power situation is getting very bad, sometimes there is a power cut 7 to 8 times in a month. Faults happen every day without any notice, sometimes the fuse blows, sometimes there is a fault in the line. It is told by the junior engineer that there is an overload on the line and those who are senior-level officers say that there is no such problem. 15 to 20 hours of light is cut off in a month. We have complained several times to UPPCL but nothing has been done. On Tuesday, around 5:15 pm, the power was cut till 8 pm”.

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Another resident, Shobit Kapoor, said, “Whenever it rains or sometimes even when it doesn't, because of fuse burn, we face frequent power cuts. This cause electrical appliances failures. Also, the Diesel Generator charges are Rs 22/unit, for 4-5 hours we have to spend 400-500 rupees in electricity per day. However, we have raised the concerns with authorities and we have found this is related to an overload of feeders.”

“The electricity issue due to a frequent fuse blowing at Sector 63 substation seems to be related to the old issue of common feeders of PAN Oasis and Homes 121. Our society is better stabilised by now and perhaps, frequent issues with the fuse (during rain) seem to be due to some fault at PAN Oasis,” he said.

He also said, “As per our last discussion with electricity officials, Sector 63 feeder/substation is overloaded and a permanent solution requires effort from our end and the will of related officials. Also, a new substation at Sector 123 (diagonally opposite our society) is on the verge of completion. Kindly proactively follow up for the permanent solution preferably a new connection from Sector 123  substation. Involving residents (preferably, with subject knowledge) will help.”