Noida- Reconcile to end residents-guards strife, urge AoAs
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Noida- Reconcile to end residents-guards strife, urge AoAs

"These conflicts spike mostly due to ego clashes"

Noida- Reconcile to end residents-guards strife, urge AoAs

Noida: In the month of September, a case of dispute and physical violence between a resident security guards came to the fore at Lotus Boulevard, Sector-100, Noida. A few days ago, On October 27, another similar case came to the fore. In the Amrapali Sapphire Society in Kotwali Sector-39 area of ​​Noida, there was a conflict between guards and a young man. The police took action after the video of the incident went viral on social media. Such incidences are a testament to a rampant increase in conflict between security guards and residents in high-rise societies of Noida. This requires immediate action and solution to stop such incidents on a priority basis as it not only affects the environment of the societies but also increases nuisance.

On October 30, Rajiva Singh, President of NOFAA, wrote a letter to the Police Commissioner, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Alok Kumar Singh, regarding recent unfortunate incidents between security guards and residents of high rise societies. He wrote in the letter, “We all have witnessed a spurt of unfortunate incidents where direct confrontations have occurred  between security guards and the residents resulting in injuries, majorly among residents. The irony of such unfortunate incidents being, conflicts have been between the same set of residents / AOA's who have engaged the security for their own protection and safety”.

In continuation, Singh also mentioned several suggestions in the letter:

  •  Audit of security agencies operating in the district, in terms of their backgrounds and credentials. Also, strict compliances of law and order needs to be assured when performing duties for the safety of residents in societies by the security agencies.
  • The use of arms, batons, or lathis carried by security guards while on duty should only be done under extreme circumstances. Irresponsible use of lathis/batons/arms (which are provided for self-defense)  would result in misuse of the same rather than for the  protection of residents.
  • Regular quarterly "coordination meetings" between police representatives, AOAs, and security agencies are needed. Quarterly meetings with clusters of high-rise societies or sectors will be of great help in addressing such similar law and order-related issues of high-rise societies.

Gaurav Chhibber, a resident of Lotus Boulevard, said, “This is not just an issue of dispute between residents and security agency but of high-stress levels, social insecurity between the haves and have-nots. Also, the attitude of residents when they disobey any community rule is different when the same is done by some other person. There are double standards. The community has to take responsibility”.

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Amit Gupta, a resident of Prateek Westeria, Sector 77, said, “Such incidents are not acceptable but we need to understand why they are happening. There is a need of better communication between the residents, security agencies and AOA."

Brajesh Sharma, a member of the 7x Welfare team and a resident of Antriksh Golf view 2 said, “Recurring and repetitive incidents with guards and society residents is a matter of serious concern, we need to go into its root cause and analyze the reasons. However, in my opinion, the guards' selection should have a minimum set of benchmarks, detailed police verification, and should also see whether they get full salary as per contract or not.”

Sanwarjeet Singh, a resident of Sector 79, said, “The frequent news of conflict between guards & residents is getting more attention in the high rise societies of Noida. These conflicts spike mostly due to ego clashes. Many security agencies are not paying the guards their salaries timely which many times results in protests. Most of the time guards seem frustrated while performing their duties due to a bad mental state which results in unfortunate incidents. However, if some times residents feel offended by their behavior or any act of guards they should talk to the supervisor instead of initiating any direct arguments. Further, AoAs should properly ensure the background of guards hired by the Security Agency for their respective societies”.

“Any security guard agency needs to keep highly trained and experienced security staff along with supervisors to handle any unforeseen circumstances. When residents or guests are in anger or show aggressive behavior, the process should be to inform AOA Board members & Estate managers as well as call police instead of taking the law into their hands. Hitting with lathi or rod or body fistfight is not at all acceptable. Noida Police should do joint meetings with security agencies and Federations like NOFAA and FONRWA, NEFOWA and resolve this ever-increasing cases of a tussle”, said Nisha Rai, Secretary, Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Associations (NOFAA).