Dwarka: Residents raise issues of dark lanes in meeting with BSES
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Dwarka: Residents raise issues of dark lanes in meeting with BSES

Dwarka forum requested for the installation of streetlight poles on roads where they are missing

Dwarka: Residents raise issues of dark lanes in meeting with BSES

Long dark stretches of roads in the Dwarka sub-city have always been a major issue that makes the residents insecure. Every time there is a case of snatching reported in Dwarka, dark stretches of roads are one of the main reasons given for such incidents. Now Dwarka Forum, a resident body, has highlighted this issue with BSES Rajdhani Power Limited.

On November 17, a meeting was held between representatives of Dwarka Forum and Divisional Heads (Dwarka and Palam Divisions), BSES Rajdhani Power Limited at BSES Office, Sector-6 Dwarka. Dwarka Forum (DF) handed over a letter to Divisional Heads, BSES, on issues of Dwarka Sub-City, concerning BSES Rajdhani Power Limited.

Some of the major dark spots which were highlighted in the meeting were- lane in front of Dwarka Sector-10 metro station in front of the metro station, the road leading to Sector-4 along sector-11 from sector 6 and sector 10 crossing, lane behind the sector 6 main market, road from sector 11 metro station to Lal Bahadur Institute of Management, several stretches of road in sector 22 and the road in front of Vardhaman Mall, Sector 23.

Sunil Agnihotri, a resident of Dwarka sector 11 says, “The road from sector 11 metro station to Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, which passes along a number of housing societies, is a perennial dark stretch. The residents use this stretch to walk down from the metro station. Several cases of chain snatchings and muggings have taken place on this stretch in recent times. I hope the authorities do something about this issue.”

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On behalf of BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd, Ajit Singh Kadian Divisional Head (O&M), Dwarka, Nagendra Shekhar Divisional Head (O&M) Palam, S. K. Dagar Head (West) Street Lights, Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Divisional Head (Business) Dwarka, and other officials of Dwarka and Palam Divisions were present.

During the meeting, the issue of dark stretches of roads in Dwarka city was discussed in detail. Dwarka forum requested for installation of street light poles on all such roads, where they are missing.

Dwarka Forum also shared the feedback received from Dwarka residents and discussed several issues ranging from operation and maintenance of street lights, repair of faulty timers of street lights, replacement of rusted and broken street light poles, and removal of unused/ broken street light poles lying on roadside pavements.

Dwarka forum also requested suitable action on removal of cables/wires tied on Street light poles by private cable or internet companies and replacement of broken and rusted feeder pillars.

The issue of unannounced power cuts and power thefts in some areas of the sub-city through street light poles was also brought to the notice of BSES officials.

During the meeting, it was decided that Governing Body members of Dwarka Forum in association with BSES, DDA (Horticulture) and Traffic Police will conduct a joint survey of Dwarka Sub-City to find out Dark spots areas and street lights/traffic signals covered with branches of trees.

It was also decided that Dwarka Forum will arrange a combined meeting with DDA (Electrical) and BSES Officials to sort out the common issues.

During the discussions, it was informed by BSES officials that some issues of Street light poles are pertaining to DDA and SDMC. “We requested them to forward such issues to concerned departments. On the basis of feedback received from Dwarka residents, the information of Dark Spot areas, particularly such roads, where street light poles are not installed so far, was provided to BSES by us. We will share this information, also with the Electrical Division of DDA,” says A. S. Chhatwal, General Secretary, Dwarka Forum.

Divisional Heads and other senior officials of BSES attended the meeting, took note of all the points that emanated from the discussions. A. S. Chhatwal General Secretary, P. Menon Treasurer with Executive Members: H. M. Singh, Mrs. Kamlesh Bajaj, Surjit Singh, and Ravi Jaitly attended the meeting on behalf of Dwarka Forum.

Ravi Jaitley, a dwarka resident, says, "We welcome their move to have joint round with Dwarkaites - based on various complaints of dark spots. This will also help residents know the limitations/handicaps under which they operate. As an individual, my salutations to BSES team for maintaining bizlee supply to all of us during trying period of corona pandemic."