Quintessential sweets that make winters special!
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Quintessential sweets that make winters special!

Take a look at these unmissable sweets and their recipes

Quintessential sweets that make winters special!

With temperatures dipping, the urge to lap up warm foods is only rising. Local street food stalls and sweet shops are lined with everything you need to eat this winter, not just to keep yourself warm but also to rekindle your romance with all the seasonal traditional Indian sweets that only come during this time.

The sweets need your attention now, not just because they are delicious, but also because they provide the much-needed warmth during this nippy weather. Take a look at these unmissable sweets and their recipes that will compel you to step into the kitchen right away!

Nolen Gur Sandesh

Credit: Whiskaffair

It is a seasonal Bengali sweet delicacy available only during the winter season in Bengal. Nolen Gur Sandesh is prepared with date palm jaggery. Nolengur is a type of jaggery extracted from date palm trees  during the winter months.

Gondh ke ladoo

If you thought gondh ke ladoo is just a healthy medicinal sweet for pregnant ladies or new mothers, you are wrong. This warming sweet can be devoured by anyone looking for a sweet treat. Made using wheat flour, edible gum, sugar, ghee, melon seeds, almonds and elaichi among others, this dessert will leave you asking for more.

Til Ke Ladoo

Credit: Archana's Kitchen

Think winters, and you are bound to picture til ka ladoo at some point  in time. Til or sesame is a winter favourite across the country, and the many sesame-based preparations are proof.

Panjiri Ladoo

Credit: Amazon

Panjiri is a dry, crumbly mix made with a range of healthy superfoods. This panjiri ladoo is made with the goodness of semolina, makhana, coconut, atta, and a whole lot of dry fruits and nuts. Ghee (or clarified butter) used to bind the ladoo helps keep your body warm and is also good for your bones and joints

Dates And Nuts Ladoo

Credit: Anto Kitchen

Winters and dry fruits go hand in hand. Nutritionists suggest taking in a range of them to optimize your intake of antioxidants, that help fight disease-causing free radicals. Instead of sugar, this healthy ladoo uses dates.

Most of these preparations are high in sugar, if you are wary of sugar, you can use any natural sugar substitute for your ladoos. Try making these ladoos at home and let us know your favourite in the comment section below!!