Noida: Residents look forward to the Jewar airport
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Noida: Residents look forward to the Jewar airport

This project will serve 12 million passengers per year

Noida: Residents look forward to the Jewar airport

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Asia's largest airport at Jewar in Noida on November 26, Uttar Pradesh has become the first state in the country that will have five international airports. The airport is being built in Noida and once completed, it will be the second international airport in the Delhi-NCR region. On the occasion, CitySpidey talked to some NCR residents to understand how they feel about this new project.

Alvira Nasir [23], a writer, says,

“Most of my relatives live in Noida and Greater Noida. I clearly remember on August, 2021 I made a car journey from IGI airport to Noida. On that day it took me and my family 45 minutes to come to Delhi from Lucknow via flight, and 3 hours to reach Noida from the IGI airport. At the peak hour, it takes nearly 3-3:30 hours to reach the airport from Noida. I strongly believe that the airport is not just an additional facility, but a necessity that was long due”.

Tanmay Tyagi [36], a resident of Gaur City 2 and an IT professional says,

“Now, that we will have an airport near Noida, it will save us a lot of time. While traveling to IGI airport, we have to leave at least 3 hours in advance considering the nonpredictable road traffic conditions of Delhi but now, an airport near Noida will save us a lot of time. The upcoming airport will also benefit the Noida film city, which some experts say, when complete, will be larger than Mumbai's film city. Maybe in the near future, with the presence of both the International airport and film city, we will witness Hollywood movies being shot up in our vicinity. Overall, it is giving much-needed hope to this long-neglected area. A hope of overall growth.”

Rajiva Singh [59], president of NOFAA,

“Hopefully, Noida International Airport once operational will help us to bypass the frequent heavy congestions of Delhi road traffic. Commuting to the new airport will be predictable, not like Delhi where the uncertainty due to traffic jams always exists and the fear of missing the flights haunts travelers. This is a big leap forward in the development of the region. It will bring in employment for the youth as well as help in the development of industries in the district. The district also needs to be developed as a tourist destination”.

Rakhi Sinha [45], Content Strategist & Entrepreneur, a resident of Noida, says,

“For me personally, it’s no difference as it’s some 50 km from my place. It will help new sectors along the Noida periphery. For me, IGI is more convenient. Traffic will mount on the airport route here too as NOIDA largely is congested. Yes, if you hit that outer road eventually leading to the Greater Noida expressway then it can be a bit better.”

Pushkar Raj Chandna [68], a retired engineer, resident of Lotus Panache, Sector 110, Noida,

“We travel a lot and it will save us a lot of time to catch our flights. Presently, it takes us a long time due to congestion on the road on the way to Indira Gandhi International airport Delhi. It will be a boon for Western UP Cities like Agra, Mathura, GBN,  Meerut, and Moradabad among others. I think the airport will give a boost to tourism in UP and tourist destinations such as Varanasi and Prayagraj”

Brajesh Sharma [39], resident of 7x sector, Noida,

“For domestic flights, we go to IGIA Delhi which not only takes time but is also expensive. I hope with the new airport in Jewar, such charges can be removed as well as with direct NMRC metro connectivity, one can reach Jewar without any safety issue. It is a matter of pride that this Jewar International Airport is finally coming up after 15 years. I hope displaced villagers' will be resettled properly.”

Sanwarjeet Singh, a resident of Gaur Sportswood, Noida, says,

“For me personally, this new airport will be very helpful as I travel by air a lot for my projects and this will save me time. Availability of more flights will be there for almost every destination of India. Seamless advance connectivity by rail, road & metro is another good aspect of this airport”.

Pranab from Global Foundation, an environmentalist, says,

“The biggest highlight of the Noida Airport is that it's going to be India's first Net Zero airport when it's ready by 2024 that itself is a landmark for air travel, which is considered to be one of the biggest contributors of Carbon Emission within the expansive travel and tourism Industry. In the recently concluded UNFCCC CoP at Glasgow, India has pledged to become NetZero by 2070, measures like this are certainly a step towards achieving such a milestone.”

The first phase of the Jewar Airport project is to be completed by 2024 at an estimated cost of over Rs 10,050 crore. Spread over 1300 hectares of land, this project will serve 12 million passengers per year. The work related to land acquisition and rehabilitation of the affected families has been completed in the first phase.