Kirti Namdev: From a homemaker to a YouTuber
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Kirti Namdev: From a homemaker to a YouTuber

Her love for cooking and her skill at it got her 4.39K subscribers on Youtube

Kirti Namdev: From a homemaker to a YouTuber

It is certain that social media holds the power to make or break a person. There are numerous stories of people getting popular on Social Media and making a career out of it. Whether it is about building your own brand identity or reaching out to people you target, these networking sites are a blessing in today's time.

Kirti Namdev (33), had no intention of getting famous, but today, 4.39K people have subscribed to her Youtube channel. From being a lawyer to a mother to turning a Youtuber, where she shares with the world her secret recipes, her journey is indeed special.

Kirti Namdev started her Youtube journey on March 23, 2019, with a channel named 'Annapurna & Annapurna Recipes'. What aided her was her exceptional cooking skills and some unusual recipes she had in her tow.

To begin with she offered simple recipes but after she uploaded a video on Baby Cerelac homemade recipes, it got her a lot of subscribers, likes, and comments. Buoyed by her success she recently started another Youtube channel called 'Bundeli Kitchen'.

Kirti Namdev says, “I did my Master of Law (LLM) in 2015 from Indore, in 2016 after my marriage I joined Saket district court as a junior lawyer but couldn’t continue because my newly born baby had a premature birth and needed my attention.”

Kirti started on her culinary journey when she was in her 7th standard. Says she, "I started learning cooking from my mother. later on my big brother was the one who taught me about the cooking, spices, and everything else".

After marriage, people always use to compliment my cooking skills and because of that, my husband suggested that I start my own YouTube channel where I could share my cooking insights and skills. After creating a channel, I started uploading many recipes video. There was one video that got viral and boosted my confidence more.”

After she got recognition on Youtube, her husband came up with the idea to create one more youtube channel 'Bundeli Kitchen'.

She told Cityspidey, “I started Bundeli Kitchen recently and have 900+ subscribers in that. This channel is close to my heart because we belong to Bundelkhand. My husband and I wanted to share the forgotten and lost recipes of Bundelkhand. I share my recipe in the Bundeli language because nobody knows much about it.” She even told us about some special food in Bhundelkhand such as Tharula, Dahi Baray and Puri ladoo. My specialty though is the  Bundelkhand Khadi."

While narrating her stories, she told CitySpidey that, in July 2021, there was a contest in Indore called 'Bundeli Chef'. says she, "With my husband’s support, I went to Indore for the final competition. I didn’t win the first prize but I stood third and for me, it was a great achievement and experience."

She further says, “I’m happy that my hard work on YouTube is getting all the love from the views. Nowadays, I’m focusing more on the Bundeli kitchen channel to reach more people and to get  them to know more about Bundeli"

Kirti says that a major credit for her success must go to her family. "I could not have achieved all this without my family's support,"
Consistency, sheer hard work, and dedication helped Kirti become a YouTuber today. Kirti has more than 4.39K subscribers on YouTube. She has also consistently published many videos of her recipes. She tapped the opportunity at the right time to start a YouTube channel and work on social media, showcasing her talent to the world.