Noida Pollution: The mornings for the residents are no longer the same
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Noida Pollution: The mornings for the residents are no longer the same

High levels of air pollution made morning walks hazardous for the residents of Noida and GreNo

Noida Pollution: The mornings for the residents are no longer the same

The daily morning walks have become a hazardous exercise for the residents of Noida and Greater Noida due to high levels of air pollution. The air quality in Noida deteriorated to the ‘hazardous’ category on the morning of November 26, 2021.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the AQI was in 'very poor' category on the evening of November 25, in Noida. As per the report, in the morning of November 26, the AQI of Noida Sector 62 was 481, were categorised as 'hazardous'. In Sector 1 and sector 125, the situation was as bad with the AQI of both areas in the hazardous category with numbers reaching up to 374 and 562 respectively.

Again, the AQI level on the morning of November 26, in Sector 116, of Noida, was 487, which is again 'hazardous'. In Knowledge Park III and Knowledge Park V, the AQI was recorded at 254, 399, categorised as 'unhealthy' and 'hazardous, respectively.

Nisha Rai (45), a resident of Sector 77, shared a tweet, “Fog or Smog?? It’s not pure Air when u Breathe but Air Pollution in our sector seem to be the highest AQI -418. please spray water on roads & Cover all construction material on Roads lying in open.”

Rai, says, “I go for cycling everyday but due to pollution, it has become very difficult for us to go for it. We are facing difficulty in breathing and the visibility is also very poor.”

Vikas Katiyar (34), a resident of Greater Noida says, “I go for morning walks every day with my family. However, my children are not going with us nowadays due to pollution. We are facing breathing issues and itching in eyes.”

Rakhi Sinha (45) says, “My son is 17-years-old. These boys play football in open every evening when AQI is very high and that worries me I used to do yoga every morning but for the last one month, all of that has stopped because of the pollution. I have also stopped going for my morning walks. Now instead I go for walks in the afternoon when the pollution levels are a bit low.”

Sinha shared a tweet, “@CeoNoida maam please have some noise & air pollution alleviating devices on Maharaja Agrasen Marg, outside Ward-2A Arun Vihar, Sector 28, as well. We are battling intense 24X7 traffic noise and air pollution. PFA the decibels and AQI at my house near to this road. Plz help!”

Rajiva Singh (51) says, “After the Covid pandemic, we now have another challenge 'the pollution endemic' which we experience every year in these four months. Morning walkers, cyclists, senior citizens and fitness freaks have to face the maximum blunt with poor quality of air. Exercising in the 'pollution endemic' has multiple risks. The lungs get exhausted faster. In addition, we face itching in the throat, intermittent coughing and watery eyes.”