Dwarka: Cycle tracks for ambitious pilot project being used for parking
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Dwarka: Cycle tracks for ambitious pilot project being used for parking

The cycle tracks are not yet inaugurated but they are already being encroached

Dwarka: Cycle tracks for ambitious pilot project being used for parking

Dwarka: The ambitious plan by DDA to make cycle tracks in Dwarka is facing some major initial challenges. The cycle tracks have been made as a pilot project to promote green modes of transport like cycling in the sub-city. However, the tracks, meant for cyclists, are being encroached by parked cars.

The cycle track project is yet to start officially but already, one can see that these tracks are being used more as a parking lane. Cycle lovers are not yet using those tracks often but cars and other vehicles can be seen parked on them.

City Spidey wrote an article on the project to highlight its importance and to make the community aware so that the cycle tracks could be put to proper use.

As informed by one of the officials involved in the project, at present, a 16 km track has been developed and soon its use would be started. “We have made it for 16 km as a pilot project. People have started using it, though the formal inauguration is yet to be done,” said the official.

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He added that depending on the success of the pilot project, a total 60 km track would be developed across Dwarka. The tracks would be made in such a way that its network would cover all the sectors of the city. According to the official, the width of the track has been made 2.5 m so that two lanes would be there and two cycles could use it at one time together on both sides. Tracks have been developed so that any cyclist could approach it through a ramp from the main road or street.

On the other hand, to make this project a success and to give a complete green mode of transport to the city, those who don’t have bicycles would be able to take a cycle on rent after some basic formality. For this purpose, cycle stands would be made near metro stations and other spots along the tracks.

Unlike the tracks in other areas, the plan is to protect the tracks with entry-exit points using wicket gates. Explaining their reason, the official says “We want only the cycle to use these tracks and not the motorcycles, rickshaws and other such vehicles. The wicket gates would be designed in a way that only cyclists would be able to enter the cycle track.” But as of now, contrary to the version of the DDA officials, the parked vehicles on these tracks are telling a different story.