Netflix cuts plan rates in India
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Netflix cuts plan rates in India

The standard plan, which previously cost Rs 649 per month, will now cost Rs 499

Netflix cuts plan rates in India

In a bid to increase popularity in the Indian market, OTT giant Netflix has announced on December 13, 2021, that it will reduce prices across all of its plans. Its costs have been reduced from Rs 199 to Rs 149 per month for the mobile subscription.  Standard Netflix plan has been cut down from Rs. 649 per month to Rs. 499 per month while the Premium plan has been reduced from Rs. 799 per month to Rs. 649 per month.

This price cut comes in the face of stiff competition from other streaming platforms, which offer their plans for significantly less than Netflix. The 25% price cut across its four plans in India is the streaming company's second price cut in the country.

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According to industry experts, Netflix launched its cheapest plan for India in July 2019 at Rs 199 per month, which led to an increase in subscribers on the streaming platform. Meanwhile, competitors like Disney+ Hotstar offer their premium plan at Rs 1,499 yearly. Amazon Prime Video membership is priced at Rs 1,499 annually.

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The standard plan, which previously cost Rs 649 per month, will now cost Rs 499. Users will receive 1080p video resolution and will be able to watch on all devices under this plan. Unlike the mobile-only and basic plans, which allow subscribers to watch Netflix on only one device at a time, standard plan subscribers will be able to watch on two different devices simultaneously.

The top-tier premium plan, which will cost Rs 649 per month rather than Rs 799, will allow users to watch content in 4K+HDR resolution. Four different devices will be able to watch simultaneously under this plan.
The new plans arrive into effect from December 14.

"We are dropping our prices, and it's across the board, across our plans. This will include all our services - local and global. The biggest drop of 60 percent is in the basic plan because we want the audiences to watch Netflix on a bigger screen or any device, so that has gone down from ₹499 to ₹199," Monika Shergill, Netflix vice president for content (India).

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