Noida- Protest ends, promises made but residents wait
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Noida- Protest ends, promises made but residents wait

The residents received a letter on behalf Noida Authority

Noida- Protest ends, promises made but residents wait

Noida: Recently the residents living in Jaypee Wish Town staged a three-day-long protest against the builder demanding the withdrawal of increased maintenance charges in their societies. In response to this protest, the Noida authority played the mediator, promising through a letter that any increase in the Maintainance charges would be carried only after a Tri-Party meeting between the resident AoA, the builder, and the Authority. But the residents still have some pertinent questions left unanswered.

For one, the residents are questioning why the letter by the Noida Authority has been issued only to the individual residents and not to the AOA, which is supposed to be a part of the proposed TRi-Pary meeting. 

In addition, the residents still believe the amount of maintenance charges they are being made to pay presently is still not justified when viewed against the quality of service being carried by the builder.

Pranesh Sinha, President AOA Pavilion Court, and Pavilion Height, Sector 128, Noida, says, “The authority has not given intimation of any proposed Tri-Party meeting to the AoA. We got to know it only from some individual members. The president and secretary of Pavilion court and Pavilion Height both objected to this increased maintenance charge and wrote to Noida Authority, however, Noida Authority has not replied.”

Residents said that they are not even satisfied with the current maintenance charges as they are not receiving what they are paying for. It is alleged that the builder increased the maintenance charge without informing anyone. This is the second increase within 10 months and is more than 25%.

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Raghuveer, Resident of Pavilion heights, Tower 4, says, who has been living in this society for the last 3 years, “The order which came up following our protest and circulated within the residents was straight from Noida Authority. The maintenance charge the builder is charging now is not justified. The facilities they promised us are still incomplete so they should be giving us subsidies and not charging us an increased maintenance fee. ”

The possessions were given in 2018 and people started moving in. He adds, “Our basement fire line made just now. I mean how does this building get clearance without this? We don’t have an entrance gate. There are two basement parking but the lower basement is still not handed over to the residents. My parking is in the lower basement but I am parking in the upper basement. Earlier the occupancy was less but now it is increasing so there is a fight over parking”.

Amim Ahmed, the resident of Pavilion Height, says, “The intervention from Noida Authority eased us but somehow we still feel that residents' issues are not taken into consideration. If you go to our basement you will find the water is leaking. You will go upstairs and you will see plaster falling. I lived in Vasant Vihar for 20 years and once in a blue moon, I used to call an electrician, plumber. Here almost every day you have to call a plumber and that too is when you are being made to pay such heavy maintenance charges.”

The residents also alleged that the money which was taken in the name of the insurance fund has not even been refunded to them till now despite the orders given by the Noida Authority in this regard.