5 different ways to meditate
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5 different ways to meditate

The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.- David Lynch

5 different ways to meditate

The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.- David Lynch.

One who can feel the power of meditation can never go a day without it. Meditation is one of the potent manners to bring self-awareness and explore the journey of mindfulness. It is in practice from thousands of years to bring spiritual and mystical forces together. Nowadays it is more commonly followed to attain calmness and reduced level of stress.

Meditation has tons of physical and mental health benefits. It is a type of complementary therapy through which anyone can start to reduce the effect of depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, heart problems,
emotional pain, high blood pressure, and tension headaches.

Moreover, meditation can also help you gain emotional benefits such as stress managing ability, reducing negative emotion, concentration on the present, creativity and patience. Which all over contributes to improving your work efficiency and life quality. To set you on your mindful journey here we bring you 5 different ways to meditate.

Walking meditation: it is the most active kind of meditation, involving your whole body and providing the benefits of improved digestion, better blood circulation and maintained body weight. One can perform walking meditation inside of their house as well as outside. You have to walk back and forth or in a circular motion at the same pace. Walking meditation involves deliberately thinking and breaking down each step in the act of walking.

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As you go, focus on your breath, steps you take, movement of your muscles and overall body when it contacts the ground. When you start losing your concentration, bring your focus back to walking and breathing.

Mindfulness meditation: it is one of the ancient meditation practices discovered by Gautam Budha more than 2,500 years ago. Mindful meditation is also a way to cure impurities and illness. This technique helps you to see things as they are real. Start by sitting with a straight backbone but a relaxed body, now focus on your breathing, thoughts going on inside the mind, things happening inside and outside in your surrounding even catch the concentration on sounds around you. Do all of this without analyzing or judging. This will definetely make you a better observer.

Mantra meditation: mantra meditation is a type of meditation where an individual chants the same word or phrase. Some of the common phrases are: 'Hare Krishna Hare Rama', 'Om Shanti' and a lot more. If your mind wanders a lot you can try this meditation technique by sitting in a relaxed yet straight back position. Start focusing on your breath, control your thought and chant the mantra you wish to.

Empty meditation: it is a type of meditation technique that helps you gain a clear perspective about your thoughts and let you erase the accumulated thought by creating more space for creativity and imagination in your mind. You can start by sitting in a relaxed position, you can lie down properly and let your mind welcome every thought. With time, you will have multiple thoughts. Resist the urge and in the end, after some time you will be able to have an empty relaxed mind.

Breathing meditation: breathing meditation is one of the popular techniques for beginners where you observe your inhale and exhale process. You can sit in a simply relaxed position or lie down on a bed whatever seems best to you and start eliminating all the disturbing thoughts and focus on your breathing gradually bringing your attention towards the way your body moves in and out while inhaling or exhaling.
Do it for 20 minutes every day and experience better observation and concentration power.

When you are performing any of these types of meditation, remember not to be harsh on yourself if you have any injury in your back or neck, relax and perform any activity carefully.