Noida: Register your pet by 15 February, to avoid a fine
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Noida: Register your pet by 15 February, to avoid a fine

The pet owners can register their pets by paying a fee of rupees 500

Noida: Register your pet by 15 February, to avoid a fine

For the residents of Noida, till now owning a pet could be a privilege or happiness, but from February 15, 2022 onwards owning one and then not getting it registered could entail some pain. This pain can hit you in the form of a rupees 1000 fine. 

The Noida Authority has started an initiative for the registration of pets, which will continue till February 14, 2022. For the purpose the Authority is holding special registration camps with the help of AOAs and RWAs in housing

societies and colonies of Noida. Under the initiative the pet owners can register their pets for rupees 500, annually. It is added that in case any pet owner fails to get the requisite pet registration done by the February 2022 deadline, a fine of rupees 1000 would be imposed on the individual pet owner. 

After registration, Noida Authority will administer vaccines to pets. Last year, In September, the Noida authority launched an application called Noida Authority Pet Registration (NAPR) app for pet owners. A large number of domestic and foreign breeds of pets are owned by residents in Noida. And to control the dog bites and seamless registration of pets, administration has launched this scheme. 

With the help of the application, the residents can also file complaints if the pet litters in public places or creates nuisance. In this view the AoA president of the society Arun Sharma organised a pet registration camp in their society on February 6, 2022. He says, "We are organizing a camp with the help.of the authorities. This invitative is very helpful. If in case any pet harms any citizen, then with the help of records we will just look at the vaccination data. And AOA also has a record of their vaccination which will help the victims for their treatment."

A coordinator of Noida Authority says, "As per CEO madam, after February 14, pet owners have to pay a penalty of rupees 1,000. There are many societies which we have already covered and on January 30, 2022, we are organizing a camp with two societies of Noida."