Valentine's Day 2022: Finding love after darkness
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Valentine's Day 2022: Finding love after darkness

This is the story of Ravnesh and Archana and how he fell in love after saying "no" a trillion times.

Valentine's Day 2022: Finding love after darkness

What is love if not the union of two hearts? This Valentine's week, CitySpidey brings to you stories of care, affection, friendship and love.

“They say if it's in your destiny, it will happen." The lines become true for Ravnesh Kumar, a software engineer from Victory-1 Amara Homes, who was always against the idea of getting married. This is his and Archana's story and how he fell in love after saying "no" a trillion times.

Walking down the memory lane, Ravnesh says, The year was 2015. We knew each other through common relatives. I was the one who was against getting married. I wanted to be a free bird forever. Papa kept asking about the 'future' but I had no intentions of getting married. I was shown so many pictures of girls that I got frustrated and stopped going home.

His and Archana's pictures were too surfaced during this while among their families. While she accepted, he did not budge from his resolve. His mother kept saying, "Archana is a nice girl and you must consider."

Unfortunately, Ravnesh lost his father in 2016 and feel that he could not fulfil his last wish. This incident came as a blow to him. After this incident, his friends too started encouraging him to get married.

"Somewhere in my heart, I was incomplete yet I could not accept my feelings."

This is when my feelings softened towards Archana. I felt suddenly attached to her. After her mother's demise in 2012, she took care of her family on her own. Her determination and care made me fall in love with her. This was what I needed at this point in my life.

After talking to her, my feelings only grew towards her. It has been seven years since our marriage. We are blessed with a daughter. Now, I can say that "She was the missing piece of my life. Getting married to her is the best decision I have ever taken."