Make your Valentine's special with these chocolates
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Make your Valentine's special with these chocolates

If you are single, who is stopping you from gifting some chocolates to yourself.

Make your Valentine's special with these chocolates

Chocolates are one of the best delicacies, especially when it is a special occasion. Not only kids but even the elderly love to enjoy eating chocolates. These sweet little things are amazing to taste and what can be wonderful than choosing chocolates to give someone and make their day memorable.

They are healthy, luxurious and bring a smile to your face every time you munch on them. Apart from chocolate being the best gifting item, they help to reduce blood pressure, improves brain health and makes you happy.

Elevate your partner's mood this season with these some amazing chocolates. If you are single, who is stopping you from gifting some chocolates to yourself.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls:

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Remember the childhood days when these chocolates were a luxury? Nowadays, they are easily available in the market and taste amazing. When you bite their crunchy layer coated with caramel, it's a different feeling altogether. Its remarkable golden paper packing makes it  look like a perfect gift.

Lotte choco pie:

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What happens when you want to enjoy chocolate, cake and the starchy flavour of marshmallows at once? You simply choose lotte choco pie. These are not proper chocolate but their soft texture, which melts easily in the mouth. It is a two-layered cake filled with marshmallows and dipped in rich chocolate. The combined combination of chocolate, cake and marshmallow is best to cherish your love.

Coffee organic dark chocolate from Pacari:

Credit: Pacari 

This exotic flavoured natural coffee chocolate is best for coffee lovers. This Pacari’s Coffee Organic Dark Chocolate is made from certified organic and gluten-free ingredients. It is also vegan dark chocolate and has 60% Cacao content. Let’s not forget, the brand has also won World Silver and International Chocolate Awards, so you can keep high expectations!

Kitkat chocolate by Nestle:

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Is it a bar of chocolate or a wafer? Let’s not get on that topic. It is one of the prominent chocolates among 90’s kids. Not only chocolate, it has found its way in milkshakes, pastries and cakes. Enjoy the perfect crunch of KitKat with the love of your life this Valentine's day.


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Cadbury's Dairy Milk is the favourite of almost every Indian. The brand has launched several varieties like silk, bubbly, crackers, fruit and nut and many more but nothing can compete with the best and basic dairy milk chocolate.