Valentine's Day: Love always finds a way
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Valentine's Day: Love always finds a way

We have these couples from Noida reminiscing their days of young romance

Valentine's Day: Love always finds a way

Ajay and Saroj

The love story of this couple is nothing short of a Bollywood movie. Both of them were in the same engineering college. One day, as Saroj Verma was waiting for someone at the college gate, a couple of guys on a bike started to eve tease her. Ajay Yadav, a young blood at the time, couldn't bear this. In a full Bollywood style, he chased down those bikers and beat them up as the entire college witnessed.

Later, they met at a common friend's wedding and it was around then that romance started to bloom between the two. Ajay says, “We met in NITM Gwalior in 2007. She initially did not like me. I was tough and outgoing and she was nerdy and reserved. When we started talking, it was as if we were in a movie. I started to feel attached to her. As things went on, one day, I proposed to her in front of the entire college."

However, what followed was the struggle they both had to endure before finally ending up together. Both of them came from different financial backgrounds, while Ajay's family was well off, Saroj was from a very humble background. Saroj's family was intimidated by the wealth of Ajay's family. They started to worry about their daughter and did not give consent to this relationship.

However, the stars turned for the couple when a mutual connection of both the families helped to bring the families together. Ajay says, "As both the families started to come to terms with each other, our alliance was finally fixed. In 2011, we tied the knot and in 2015, we welcomed our daughter Manyata into this world."

Avinash and Ishupreet

However, not all love stories have an easy path. Even in this New India, factors like one's cast play a major role in deciding the fate of a couple. This story is about a couple, who was acquainted with each other since their schooling but were not even friends around that time. However, they crossed paths with each other later in their life which lead to a beautiful love story.

Avinash Bhargava and Ishupreet Oberoi studied together in a school in Kota. While reminiscing the days when the romance between the two started, Ishupreet says, “I love Avinash a lot, and our destiny planned this for us. It is very dramatic that Facebook paved the way for our love story. We saw each other after so many years on Facebook and after chatting for a few days, we decided to meet up and hang out. However, none of us had an idea about how this meeting will result in both of us falling in love."

Avinash says, “Love knows no boundaries our story is a testament to it. My wife and I belonged to different social backgrounds, castewise. Still, we decided to be with one another without having bothering to think about what people would think. We were madly in love. We ourselves decided on a date and announced it to both families. We told them whether they accept it or not, we are tying the knot on 15th Jan 2012”.

Ishupreet’s mother attended the ceremony, blessed the couple, and accepted them wholeheartedly. They are proud parents of two sweet daughters, Haneeka and Dhwani.

Mohit and Punam

However, not all love stories are doomed to go through a struggle. Some of them are meant to be while the universe itself makes sure of that. Mohit Singh and Punam Raghav met in 2010 while they were pursuing their hotel management degree from IIHM, Meerut. The romance between the two started while they were in college. While talking about that time, Mohit says, "My wife still keeps those chocolate wrappers and all those teddy bears with her. I still sing her our college time favourite song 'Teri meri dosti pyaar me badal gayi'.”
Both of their families liked each other and they eventually got married without any hassle. They both parent two kids now, Arnav Singh and Aryaveer Singh.